Best 4 ai voice background remover Tools in 2024

LALAL.AI, VEED.IO, Captions, are the best paid / free ai voice background remover tools.

Fast and easy AI-powered vocal remover to extract stems from audio and video files.
Free AI video editor with text to video, avatars, auto-subtitles, voice translations.
Creating professional videos made easy with Captions' AI-powered studio.
Generate high-quality content instantly.

What is ai voice background remover?

AI voice background remover is a technology that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to isolate and extract human speech from audio recordings while removing or suppressing any background noise. This allows for clearer, more intelligible speech to be processed for transcription, analysis, or playback. The technology has advanced significantly in recent years thanks to progress in deep learning and neural networks.

What is the top 4 AI tools for ai voice background remover?

Core Features
How to use


Video Editor
Screen Recorder
Subtitles & Transcription
Video Trimmer
Video Merger
Crop Video
Loop Video
Resize Video
Rotate Video
AI Avatars
AI Image Generator
AI Video
AI Voice Generator
Eye Contact AI
Video Background Remover
Voice Dubber

VEED.IO is a user-friendly online video editor that allows you to create and edit videos with ease. Simply upload your video, make edits using the various tools and features available, and then save and share your edited video.


LALAL.AI offers the following core features: 1. Stem Splitter: Extract vocals, instrumental, drums, bass, guitar, synth, string & wind instruments from audio and video files. 2. Voice Cleaner: Remove background music, vocal plosives, mic rumble, and other unwanted noises from audio recordings. 3. Tools & API: Download LALAL.AI applications for convenient use on different devices and integrate their powerful AI technology into your website or service through the provided API.


To use LALAL.AI, simply upload the audio or video file you want to split. The service will quickly and accurately separate the vocals and instrumental tracks. As a new user, you will need to sign up to split the entire file and download the full stems. Choose from different package options, such as Starter, Lite, Plus, Master, Premium, and Enterprise, depending on your needs and volume of files to be processed. Once you have selected a package, follow the prompts to complete the payment process. Afterward, you can download the extracted tracks in high quality.


Video compression for optimizing file size
Eye contact correction in post-production
Subtitles and captions generation from audio
Translation of audio and captions into 28 languages
Script generation with any prompt or reference material
AI-powered music composition for background tracks
Color grading and scheme generation
Background removal
Rotoscoping for object cutouts
Sound effects and track selection
Metadata generation for video distribution
Voice dubbing in multiple languages
Automatic extraction of viral-worthy clips

To use Captions, simply download the app or access the desktop version. Once installed, you can start by selecting the desired video or audio files. From there, you can choose from a range of features to optimize and customize your content, such as compressing videos, correcting eye contact, adding subtitles, translating captions, generating scripts, and composing background music. The intuitive interface and automated processes make it easy to navigate and create high-quality videos effortlessly.

Images Writing
AI-Powered Personal Assistant
Chrome Extension
AI-Powered Writing Features
Create Stunning Visuals
Ultra-Realistic Voice Generation
Text to Music AI

Uktob Starter Unlimited access to Faheem on WhatsApp. Web Application. AI-Generated Images: 70. Ultra-Realistic Voice Generation: 4,000 Characters. AI-Generated Words: 75,000. 30+ AI Templates. AI-Enhanced Images. Image Background AI Remover. Image Background AI Replacement. Commercial License
Uktob Pro Faheem on WhatsApp. Faheem Chrome Extension. AI-Generated Images: 140. Ultra-Realistic Voice Generation: 8,800 Characters. AI-Generated Words: 150,000. 30+ Templates. AI-Enhanced Images. Image Background AI Remover. Image Background AI Replacement. Commercial License
Uktob Max Faheem on WhatsApp. Faheem Chrome Extension. AI-Generated Images: 470. Ultra-Realistic Voice Generation: 29,500 Characters. AI-Generated Words: 500,000. 30+ Templates. AI-Enhanced Images. Image Background AI Remover. Image Background AI Replacement. Commercial License. Priority Customer Support. Up to 5 Team Members

Instantly generate high-quality images, voice-overs and text in Arabic & English. Remove backgrounds, produce voice-overs, marketing copy, write SEO content, blog posts, sales emails & social captions in seconds.

Newest ai voice background remover AI Websites

Free AI video editor with text to video, avatars, auto-subtitles, voice translations.
Generate high-quality content instantly.
Fast and easy AI-powered vocal remover to extract stems from audio and video files.

ai voice background remover Core Features

Isolates human speech from background noise in audio recordings

Suppresses or removes non-speech sounds like music, traffic, wind, etc.

Enhances the clarity and intelligibility of the extracted speech

Can handle a wide variety of audio formats and recording environments

What is ai voice background remover can do?

Contact centers using AI to monitor customer calls for quality assurance

Businesses transcribing meeting records for notes and collaboration

Healthcare providers dictating and transcribing clinical notes

Media companies subtitling videos with speech in many languages

Government agencies analyzing wiretap and surveillance recordings

ai voice background remover Review

Most users find AI background removal tools easy to use and effective at isolating speech, with web options tending to be more limited than standalone software. Some struggle with the costs for high-volume use. Complaints include some clipping of words and occasional glitches or artifacts in the output, but overall the technology gets strong positive reviews for significantly improving speech audio quality and intelligibility, especially for recordings made in noisy real-world environments.

Who is suitable to use ai voice background remover?

Journalists using AI to transcribe interviews recorded in the field

Students recording lectures in noisy classrooms to review later

Podcasters cleaning up audio to improve the listener experience

People extracting speech from old family video recordings

Commuters listening to audio content in loud trains or public spaces

How does ai voice background remover work?

To use an AI voice background remover, you typically need to provide it with an audio file or stream containing the speech you want to isolate. The AI system will then process the audio, identify the human speech, and separate it from the background noise. Some tools output just the isolated speech, while others allow you to adjust the level of noise suppression. Popular options include web-based tools as well as downloadable software and APIs for developers to integrate into their own applications.

Advantages of ai voice background remover

Improves speech recognition accuracy for automatic transcription

Makes archived audio recordings easier to listen to and analyze

Enables better comprehension of speech in noisy environments

Allows speakers to be heard more clearly in podcasts, videos, etc.

Provides cleaner speech data for use in AI/ML voice systems

FAQ about ai voice background remover

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