What is GetOnboard?

Onboard is an AI-powered tool that helps users navigate and understand new codebases by transforming any GitHub repository into a subject matter expert.

Added on July 23 2023

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How to install?

How to use GetOnboard?

To use Onboard, simply enter the link for a GitHub repo and start exploring. You can ask our AI chat questions to locate specific functionality, identify where code changes should be made, and more.

GetOnboard's Core Features

The core features of Onboard include: - AI-powered codebase navigation - Chat-based Q&A with the AI - Cloning GitHub repositories - Support for finding code locations and functionality

GetOnboard's Use Cases

#1 Onboard is primarily designed to assist developers in quickly understanding and navigating unfamiliar codebases. It can be useful for onboarding new team members, exploring open-source projects, and troubleshooting code issues.

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