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The next browser with your privacy first
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Dec 12 2023
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Quetta Product Information

What is Quetta?

The next browser with your privacy first

How to use Quetta?

Quetta offers a secure and private browsing experience. Simply download and install the browser on your device, and start browsing the internet with enhanced privacy features.

Quetta's Core Features

Quetta has a powerful ad blocker that blocks unwanted advertisements, allowing for a seamless browsing experience.

Quetta's Privacy Guard ™ ensures that your online activities remain confidential by preventing websites from generating fingerprints to identify you.

Quetta provides a seamless video watching experience with features like effortless video downloads, a video playlist, and an enhanced video player.

Quetta allows you to browse the web in a way that suits your individual style with features like reading mode, side-by-side translation, and webpage-to-PDF capabilities.

Quetta's Use Cases


Users who value their online privacy and want a browser that prioritizes it.


Users who want an ad-free browsing experience.


Users who frequently watch videos online and want a seamless video watching experience.


Users who want to personalize their browsing experience and have access to features like reading mode and translation.

FAQ from Quetta

What makes Quetta different from other browsers?

Is Quetta available on multiple platforms?

Does Quetta collect and store user data?

How can I contact Quetta for support?

Where is Quetta based?

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