Best 23 AI Browsers Builder Tools in 2024

Axiom, ChatGPT Summary Assistant, Socratic Lab, Gondolin, BrowserBurn - Roast Your Browsing Habits, Browser Buddy, Marble for Google Chrome, JDoodle IDE Chrome Extension for Coding, Did You Learn, are the best paid / free AI Browsers Builder tools.

2 enables users to build browser bots without coding for automating website tasks.
< 5K
Web content processing tool with customizable prompts.
< 5K
Enhance focus with AI-driven web content blocking.
< 5K
Humorous AI critique of browsing habits.
< 5K
Powerful Chrome extension for ChatGPT conversations.
< 5K
Auto-tab grouping browser extension.
< 5K
Execute code from any webpage with 1 click.
< 5K
Make online learning fun.
< 5K
Summary: BrowserGPT is a Chrome extension enabling direct access to ChatGPT in the browser for various tasks.
< 5K
Trigger ChatGPT in any textbox on the Web with ease!
< 5K
AI-powered Chrome extension enhancing web reading experience.
Maximize productivity, efficiency, and profit with AYCD.
The next browser prioritizing your privacy.
< 5K
Lion Accountability Browser is an AI-powered browser with parental controls for safer browsing.
< 5K
Summary: "Share by ChatGPT offers easy web page summarization and sharing on social media."
< 5K
Get quick webpage responses with CmdKay.
Nocode Web Scraper in Seconds
< 5K
Transform your work experience and produce elite-level work at warp speed with Floutwork.
< 5K
Lightweight super browser for accessing web apps.
< 5K
Faster and simpler expense tracking directly from your browser.
< 5K
Enhance your internet experience with our high-tech mobile browser.
< 5K
Use Universally to turn ChatGPT into your personal AI assistant on any website.
Boost productivity with no-code browser automations.

What is AI Browsers Builder?

AI Browsers Builder is a modern, innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist users in designing and building flawless, responsive websites. It streamlines the process, reduces manual work, and improves the efficiency and accuracy of web development.

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23 Tools
AI Browsers Builder already has over 23 AI tools.
293.6K Total Monthly Visitors
AI Browsers Builder already boasts over 293.6K user visits per month.
0 tools traffic more than 1M
AI Browsers Builder already exists at least 0 AI tools with more than one million monthly user visits.

What is the top 10 AI tools for AI Browsers Builder?

Core Features
How to use

Visual Web Scraping
Data Entry
Spreadsheet Automation
Automate any website
Build custom bots with no-code
Connect to Zapier, Integromat or Webhooks


1. Install the Axiom Chrome Extension.2. Pin Axiom to the Chrome Toolbar and click on the icon to open and close.3. Customize and build your own bots or use pre-existing templates.4. Automate actions like clicking and typing in any website.5. Run the bots manually or schedule them to run at specific times.6. Integrate with Zapier to trigger the bots based on external events.


Task Builder
Web Scraping
Automated Testing
Custom Feeds
Interactive Demos
Take Screenshots
Scrape Job Data
Assertion Test

Create any kind of browser automation and trigger via API and Nocode tools


Web automation tools
Automated workflows
ChatGPT automations
Web scraping
Task automation
Spreadsheet automation
Data scraping
Form filling
Trigger-based automation
Website testing
Social media automation

To automate browser actions with Goless, simply create a workflow using the Chrome extension. Utilize the drag-and-drop interface to design a block diagram of your workflow. You can start from pre-built workflows in the marketplace and customize them based on your specific needs.


Gmail Account Tools
Captcha AI
Email Inbox Scraper
Manage Inventory
Build Unique Profiles
Spoof Location
Activity Generator
Unlimited Unique Browsers
Proxy Testing

Resell Pass $30/mo
Queue Pass $35/mo
Captcha Pass $49/mo
Ultimate Pass $65/mo

Manage email forwarding, change passwords, and more for your Gmail accounts. OneClick is your ultimate captcha solving hub using a variety of services such as AutoSolve AI. Automatically scrape data from unlimited mail accounts for organized viewing, streamlined SMS interactions, efficient inventory management, automated package tracking, and more. Create unlimited unique browsers with built-in autofill, automatic IMAP OTP codes, and more. Add your favorite browser extensions and easily manage all of your tabs in the best tool for queue and raffle releases. Create virtual cards, jig profile details and export to the format of your choice to create the perfect profile to checkout anywhere. Generate, update, and reset accounts across many websites. Simulate your GPS location to anywhere in the world on any supported iOS device you have. Connect unlimited iOS devices, save frequent locations for easy spoofing, and search for any location using our interactive map. Create servers and proxies using top cloud providers such as GCP, AWS and more. Save server templates to quickly re-create servers when you need them with all of your applications and data. Turn OneClick into your own captcha solving hub using a variety of available services such as AutoSolve AI. Route captcha challenges to specific services. Solve captcha challenges from multiple sources all in one place. Automatically solve reCaptcha and hCaptcha challenges in OneClick/AutoSolve and Chromium-based browsers. No concurrent solving limits. Always fast and reliable even during the highest demand releases.


Quetta has a powerful ad blocker that blocks unwanted advertisements, allowing for a seamless browsing experience.
Quetta's Privacy Guard ™ ensures that your online activities remain confidential by preventing websites from generating fingerprints to identify you.
Quetta provides a seamless video watching experience with features like effortless video downloads, a video playlist, and an enhanced video player.
Quetta allows you to browse the web in a way that suits your individual style with features like reading mode, side-by-side translation, and webpage-to-PDF capabilities.

Quetta offers a secure and private browsing experience. Simply download and install the browser on your device, and start browsing the internet with enhanced privacy features.

Lion Accountability Browser

AI-powered detection of explicit websites and images
Weekly logs of explicit websites visited
Blacklist with over 4.5 million adult websites
Customizable detection level
History logs for partner accountability
Blocking of images and media
Top-notch browsing experience

To use Lion Accountability Browser, simply download and install the app on your iOS device. Once installed, you can set up the browser to track explicit websites and images visited while browsing. You can also customize the detection level and choose to send browsing history logs to your chosen partners. Additionally, you can enable the blocking of explicit websites and media for extra protection.


Task capture and management
Automated scheduling
Integrated web apps
In-context tools
Dedicated Focus Mode
Productivity metrics and gamification
Seamless integration with ChatGPT
Command Bar for quick actions
Split Views for multi-tasking
Built-in Notes app
Efficient email management
Paste Calendar Availability
Multiple Profiles
Mute Notifications
Mobile Access
Organize Bookmarks

To get work done with Floutwork, you simply need to view your tasks, stick to your auto-planned day, and start working. Floutwork helps you start your day with tasks, find the best times to complete them, and provides seamless access to web apps within its interface.


Access web apps like perplexity, chatgpt, twitter, and more
Spotlight-like UI for easy navigation
Open/hide using option+space keys
Search with perplexity as default search engine
Use as coding assistant with chatgpt

Access your most used web apps (perplexity, chatgpt, twitter and more...) on any screen with spotlight like UI. Just use option+space to open/hide Airlight on top of any screen. No need to switch back and forth with a browser.

Share by ChatGPT

Browser extension for summarizing web pages
Integration with ChatGPT for generating summaries
Easy sharing of summaries on social media
Support for popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox

To use Share by ChatGPT, simply add the extension to your Chrome or Firefox browser. When browsing a web page, click on the extension icon to generate a summary using ChatGPT. You can then edit the summary if needed and share it directly on your favorite social media platforms.


Open ChatGPT on any website with a simple shortcut
Load articles, YouTube videos, and PDFs for discussion, summarization, and questions
Customizable shortcuts for convenience
Privacy-focused, data stored locally in the browser
Integration with ChatGPT Account or OpenAI API
Clean and user-friendly interface

free Free
premium $10 Unlock all premium features with a one-time purchase. Unlimited content loadings. TurboChat - use directly with OpenAI API. Access to all future premium features. Support the further development of the extension

To use Universally, simply add the chrome extension to your browser. Once installed, press Alt+u to open the ChatGPT window on any website. You can customize the shortcut to your preference. In the chat window, you can load web content, YouTube videos, and PDFs to engage in discussions, summaries, and questions about the loaded content. The chat window can be moved and resized freely within your browser.

Newest AI Browsers Builder AI Websites

Lightweight super browser for accessing web apps.
Nocode Web Scraper in Seconds
Maximize productivity, efficiency, and profit with AYCD.

AI Browsers Builder Core Features

AI Design Suggestions

Provides design suggestions based on the latest trends and user preferences.

Responsive Design

Generates responsive designs that fit perfectly on any device, be it desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Drag and Drop Interface

Easy interface allows dragging and dropping elements to create a custom layout.

SEO Optimization

Builds SEO-optimized websites to improve search engine rankings and visibility.

Who is suitable to use AI Browsers Builder?

AI Browsers builder is suitable for businesses in need of a website, freelance web developers looking to optimize their workload, and non-technical individuals who want to build their own professional-looking website.

How does AI Browsers Builder work?

AI Browsers Builder works by utilizing machine learning algorithms that learn from user inputs and trending web designs. The AI analyzes the user's requirements and suggest designs accordingly. Users can then customize the layout using the drag and drop interface. Once the design is finalized, the tool auto-generates the code needed for the website and optimizes it for Search Engines.

Advantages of AI Browsers Builder

AI Browsers Builder reduces the time and effort required for website building, offers high customization, ensures SEO-optimized outputs, and equips users with no prior coding knowledge to design professional websites.

FAQ about AI Browsers Builder

Does AI Browsers Builder require any coding skills?
Can I customize the AI suggested design?
Are the websites built by this tool SEO-optimized?