What is RealFeedback?

RealFeedback is an AI-powered chatbot that captures user insights to easily improve your website. It allows you to gather feedback instantly and gain actionable insights to create better user experiences, ultimately boosting satisfaction and fueling business growth.

Added on June 02 2023

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How to install?

How to use RealFeedback?

To use RealFeedback, simply add their chatbot to your website with one script tag. This can be done without any coding required. The chatbot will then spark meaningful conversations with your customers, allowing them to provide candid feedback. RealFeedback's advanced AI analyzes these conversations to extract key points and patterns, providing clear, data-driven insights. These insights can be used to make smarter decisions and improve user experiences.

RealFeedback's Core Features

AI-powered chatbot for capturing user insights
Instant feedback collection
Conversation analysis to extract key points and patterns
Data-driven insights for improving user experiences
Easy integration with any website
Different pricing plans to suit various business needs

RealFeedback's Use Cases

#1 Enhancing customer interactions for individuals and small businesses
#2 Elevating customer experience for fast-growing start-ups
#3 Delivering exceptional, personalized experiences at scale for established organizations

RealFeedback's Plan

Free Plan


Perfect for individuals and small businesses looking to enhance their customer interactions. Experience the power of AI with no commitment and elevate your customer communication.

Start-up Plan


Designed for fast-growing start-ups ready to elevate their customer experience. Enjoy advanced features and branding flexibility during your journey to success.

Professional Plan


Tailored for established organizations seeking premium support and maximum customization. Deliver exceptional, personalized experiences to your users at scale.

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FAQ from RealFeedback

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What integrations are available with RealFeedback?
How many conversations does each plan cover?
What happens if I exceed the number of conversations in a month on my plan?