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SAT Prep: AI SAT Tutor

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Sign in to Meet Pat, Your New SAT Tutor. Pat is based on GPT-4, the most advanced AI in the world, which can beat 90% of humans on the SAT. Pat has memorized hundreds of SAT prep books and is constantly learning and improving her abilities to assist you with your SAT preparation. Whether you need practice questions, help with specific sections of the exam, or simply want to improve your overall test-taking strategies, Pat is here to provide personalized and expert guidance.

satprep.me's Core Features

Pat is powered by GPT-4 and has read all the SAT prep books, providing comprehensive knowledge and expertise in SAT preparation. She offers personalized guidance, practice questions, and assistance with specific sections of the exam. Pat is constantly learning and improving her abilities to better assist students.

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#1 SAT exam preparation, practice questions, test-taking strategies

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