What is Simpliterms?

SimpliTerms is a Chrome extension that simplifies complex terms and privacy policies with AI in just one click.

Added on November 20 2023

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How to install?

How to use Simpliterms?

By simply clicking on the SimpliTerms extension, users can get a summary of the policies of the page they are on.

Simpliterms's Core Features

Summarizes the most important things about each privacy or terms of use policies of any page with AI
Generates summaries of 100-300 words, highlighting crucial points for user acceptance
Allows users to easily understand what they are accepting before agreeing
Saves time by eliminating the need to read lengthy policies
Helps users avoid legal problems by knowing what they are agreeing to
Provides insight into what data each website extracts from users with just one click

Simpliterms's Use Cases

Ideal for people who often use various pages and online services, as well as those constantly using new services and pages every day

Simpliterms's Plan



Ideal to prove the product



Ideal for people who often use various pages and online services



Ideal for people who are constantly using new services and pages every day

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FAQ from Simpliterms

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