Google Update, Yandex Ranking Factors, ChatGPT Craze, Bing Lastmod & Yahoo Search

Google Update, Yandex Ranking Factors, ChatGPT Craze, Bing Lastmod & Yahoo Search

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Google Update and Impact on Product Review Sites
  3. Yandex Search Ranking Factors
  4. Chat GPT Craze: Google and Microsoft's Response
  5. Google's Rant About Agencies and Link Building
  6. New Features in Google Search Console
  7. Lizzy's Advice in the Latest SEO Video Office Hours
  8. Gary's Tips on Website Redesign, Verification, and Firewall Issues
  9. Major Refresh on SEO Canonicalization Documentation
  10. Microsoft Bing's Emphasis on Last Mod Field in XML Sitemap Files
  11. Sparse Updates on Google Ads News and Features Announcement Page
  12. Decline in Google's Ad Revenue and Profit
  13. Yahoo's Plans for Search Revival
  14. Conclusion

🔍 Introduction

Good morning, everyone! In today's Search Buzz video Recap, we'll be covering some interesting news and updates from the Search Engine industry. From Google updates to Yandex ranking factors, and from chat GPT craze to Yahoo's upcoming search revival, we have lots to discuss. So, let's dive right in!

📈 Google Update and Impact on Product Review Sites

One of the recent Google updates caught the attention of Glenn Gabe, who noticed its impact on certain product review sites. While it may not be directly related to product reviews, there were some signals pointing towards it. Although not widely reported, several SEOs have observed this update as well. Additionally, there have been rumors of another Google update, but we'll keep an eye on it for more evidence. Stay tuned!

🔍 Yandex Search Ranking Factors

In an interesting turn of events, the source code of Yandex, a popular search engine, was leaked. This has sparked excitement among SEOs, as it provides detailed insights into the ranking factors used by Yandex. Although Yandex was founded by a former Googler, the source code is likely outdated in terms of mirroring Google's search algorithm. Nonetheless, it presents a great opportunity to understand how a search engine utilizes ranking factors. While it may not drastically change your SEO tactics, exploring this leaked source code can be both fun and educational.

💬 Chat GPT Craze: Google and Microsoft's Response

Since the release of Open AI's Chat GPT, there has been concern regarding its impact on search. However, both Google and Microsoft are not sitting idle. Google is testing an answer to Chat GPT called "Apprentice Bard," which aims to provide faster and more accurate responses to user queries. On the other HAND, Microsoft Bing is also working on integrating Chat GPT into its search platform. Owen Yin recently shared screenshots showcasing Bing's chat GPT integration. It's clear that the chat GPT craze has sparked competition between the search giants. Exciting times lie ahead!

💼 Google's Rant About Agencies and Link Building

John Mueller from Google recently expressed his frustration with agencies that engage in link building and then charge clients for disavowing those same links. This practice is seen as unethical, as it involves creating and disavowing links solely for monetary gain. Mueller urges agencies to provide genuine value and not resort to such practices. His rant highlights the importance of ethical SEO practices and building quality links.

📊 New Features in Google Search Console

Google Search Console has introduced new features for video indexing reports. Website owners can now track the impressions their videos receive and filter indexed videos based on sitemap files. This offers valuable insights into video performance and aids in optimizing video content. Additionally, Lizzy from Google advises website owners to add a nofollow attribute to site credit links in the footer if they have control over them. These updates enhance the functionality of Google Search Console and support better SEO practices.

🔒 Gary's Tips on Website Redesign, Verification, and Firewall Issues

Gary from Google recently shared some valuable tips regarding website redesigns, website verification, and firewall issues. He highlights potential ranking and indexing fluctuations that can occur during website redesigns. Gary emphasizes the importance of using absolute URLs in canonical links and provides insights into the common issues that arise with canonicalization. Additionally, he addresses the impact of website verification on rankings, clarifying that it does not directly affect them. Lastly, Gary discusses how firewalls and CDNs can sometimes hinder Google's crawling efficiency and offers guidance on testing these configurations using tools like the URL inspection tool.

🔗 Major Refresh on SEO Canonicalization Documentation

Google has recently updated its SEO canonicalization documentation, providing more detailed information on the topic. The documentation is now divided into three sections: an overview of canonicalization, specifying a canonical URL using rel=canonical, and alternative methods for indicating canonical URLs. One notable tip from Google's Gary is that stacking canonicalization signals can strengthen their impact. He also advises using absolute URLs instead of relative URLs in canonical links to avoid confusion and ensure proper canonicalization.

🔄 Microsoft Bing's Emphasis on Last Mod Field in XML Sitemap Files

Microsoft Bing has highlighted the importance of the "last mod" field in XML sitemap files. This field indicates to search engines how frequently they should crawl a website and if a recrawl is needed. According to Microsoft, many sitemaps have incorrect or missing last mod values, causing suboptimal crawling. They encourage website owners to correctly set the last mod attribute and utilize appropriate indexing directives. In an effort to improve crawling efficiency, Microsoft also plans to revamp its crawl stack based on the last mod field. This change will influence how Bing indexes websites, making the last mod field a critical factor for optimal crawling.

📢 Sparse Updates on Google Ads News and Features Announcement Page

The Google Ads news and features announcement page has seen minimal updates in recent months, with the last Meaningful update dating back to November. While there have been occasional policy changes, the page lacks significant announcements. However, two policy changes were made just a couple of days ago, indicating a potential resurgence of updates. It remains to be seen if Google will Resume its regular announcements on this platform.

💰 Decline in Google's Ad Revenue and Profit

Google's latest financial report reveals a decline in ad revenue by 3.6% year over year. This marks the first decrease in ad revenue in a while and has raised concerns. Although Google's overall revenue increased by 1%, the net income experienced a significant drop of 34% quarter over quarter. As a result, Google is implementing cost-cutting measures, which recently led to layoffs. Despite being profitable, Google aims to optimize its financial performance. These developments in Google's financial landscape have implications for Advertising and the search industry as a whole.

🔎 Yahoo's Plans for Search Revival

Yahoo, the once-popular search engine, is poised for a comeback. The company has started working on search and has even posted job openings for a product manager in this domain. This news has generated excitement, especially with Jim Lanzone confirming Yahoo's commitment to search revival. Given his expertise and previous experience with and CBS Interactive, many are curious to see how Yahoo will reinvent its search engine under Jim Lanzone's leadership.

💡 Conclusion

That concludes our Search Buzz video recap for this week. We covered a wide range of topics, from Google updates to Yandex ranking factors, chat GPT craze, and the future of Yahoo search. We hope you found this recap informative and enjoyable. Stay tuned for more search engine news and updates. Have a great weekend, and we'll see you in the next video!

📊 Highlights

  • Google update impacts product review sites.
  • Yandex source code leak reveals ranking factors.
  • Google and Microsoft respond to chat GPT craze.
  • Google criticizes agencies for unethical link building practices.
  • New features in Google Search Console for video indexing.
  • Gary from Google provides tips on website redesign and verification.
  • Microsoft Bing emphasizes the last mod field in XML sitemaps.
  • Google Ads news and features announcement page lacks updates.
  • Decline in Google's ad revenue and profit leads to cost-cutting measures.
  • Yahoo is working on a search revival under Jim Lanzone's leadership.


Q: How can I optimize my website's video indexing on Google? A: Google Search Console now provides video indexing reports that offer valuable insights into impressions and indexing status. Ensure your videos are properly indexed by submitting them through your sitemap file. To optimize video performance, consider metadata optimization, relevance to the page's content, and overall user engagement.

Q: How can I strengthen the canonicalization signals for my website? A: According to Google's Gary, you can stack canonicalization signals to reinforce their impact. This involves using consistent canonical tags on all relevant pages and ensuring they point to the preferred version of the URL. Additionally, it's essential to use absolute URLs in canonical links to avoid any confusion or misinterpretation by search engines.

Q: Are porn site backlinks harmful to my website's SEO? A: While spammy links from porn sites are generally not ideal, Google's Lizzy stated that they should not be a priority for SEO efforts. As long as you focus on other important SEO aspects and provide genuine value to your audience, Google's algorithm can handle such links. However, it's important to proactively disavow any links that may be causing harm to your website's reputation.

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