Transforming AI Art: Artist Recreates DALLE-2 Masterpieces

Transforming AI Art: Artist Recreates DALLE-2 Masterpieces

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Using AI Generative Tools in Art
    • How AI Generative Tools Can Assist Artists
    • Introduction to Dali 2
  3. Creating portrait Art with Dali 2
    • Examples of the Artist's Work
    • Process of Using Dali 2 to Create Images
  4. African Tribal Woman Pen Sketch by David Finch
    • Explanation of David Finch's Illustration Style
    • Surprising Results with Dali 2
    • Step-by-Step Process of Coloring the Sketch
    • Final Outcome and Impressions
  5. African Tribal Women Beautiful Painting Art
    • Inspiration from Station Brook Slim
    • Creating Variations of the Reference Picture
    • Stylizing the Painting to Add a Unique Touch
    • Comparison with the Original Reference
  6. Mixed Race Girl in a Track Suit with Curly Hair Digital Painting
    • Influence of Art Germ's Work
    • Selecting an Idea and Addressing Artifacts
    • Enhancing the Face and Hair Details
    • Examining the Differences between Dali 2 and Artist's Outcome
  7. Final Concept Painting and Conclusion
    • Exploring a New Concept
    • Identifying Areas for Improvement
    • Achieving a Stylized Semi-Realistic Look
    • Comparison and Artist's Satisfaction
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

Using AI Generative Tools in Art

Artists have always sought new ways to enhance their creativity and streamline their workflow. In recent years, the emergence of AI generative tools has opened up exciting possibilities for artists to explore. One such tool is Dali 2, which utilizes artificial intelligence to generate concepts and assist artists in their artistic journey.

Creating Portrait Art with Dali 2

As a digital artist specializing in portrait art, I have been intrigued by the potential of AI generative tools like Dali 2 to enhance my creative process. In this article, I will take you through my experience of using Dali 2 to create stunning portrait images. Through examples of my work, I will demonstrate how Dali 2 can serve as a valuable reference and inspiration for artists.

African Tribal Woman Pen Sketch by David Finch

One of my first prompts was to create a colored version of an African tribal woman pen sketch by David Finch, a renowned illustrator known for his work in comics. With Dali 2, I was able to generate multiple references based on this prompt. The results were astounding, and I found myself captivated by the quality and realism of the generated sketches.

To bring the sketch to life, I began by blocking in the skin and clothes, carefully adding highlights, shadows, and warm tones to enhance the form of the character. The sketch started to evolve into a comic book-style illustration, resembling the work of a human artist. With the addition of final highlights and a gradient, the image was transformed into a clean and vibrant artwork. I was thrilled with the outcome, considering it a testament to the creative potential of Dali 2.

African Tribal Women Beautiful Painting Art

Inspired by the beauty of African tribal art, I decided to explore the concept further using Dali 2. In search of a reference that resonated with me, I discovered a beautiful painting by Station Brook Slim. The textures and composition of the painting intrigued me, and I wanted to recreate its essence while adding my own unique touch.

Using Dali 2, I generated variations of the reference painting that exceeded my expectations. The quality and attention to detail in each variation were impressive, and I felt a surge of excitement to begin my painting process. After careful consideration, I selected one of the generated variations and set out to paint the background, capturing the essence of the face, painting shadows, and experimenting with anime-style proportions. Although I couldn't fully replicate the intricate textures of the original painting, I was pleased with the overall outcome and the way Dali 2 served as a powerful reference.

Mixed Race Girl in a Track Suit with Curly Hair Digital Painting

Art Germ, a highly regarded artist, became my inspiration for the next Prompt. His digital paintings were visually captivating, and I aspired to create my own rendition using Dali 2. After generating a range of ideas, I chose a concept featuring a mixed race girl in a track suit with curly hair.

To ensure accuracy and quality, I examined the generated sketch closely, addressing any artifacts or inconsistencies. While the face required some improvements, the hair and overall composition displayed remarkable details. I began painting, aiming for a semi-realistic style with a touch of stylization. Although my outcome didn't fully replicate the textures and brush strokes of Dali 2, I was satisfied with the final result. Dali 2 had once again provided a solid foundation and reference for my artistic journey.

Final Concept Painting and Conclusion

In my final exploration, I delved into a new concept, focusing on enhancing and refining the generated references from Dali 2. Despite facing challenges with certain artifacts, I managed to create a stylized semi-realistic portrait that pleased me. Comparing the final outcome with the original concept, I acknowledged the areas for improvement and recognized the strengths of Dali 2.

In conclusion, the utilization of AI generative tools like Dali 2 in art production has demonstrated their potential to assist artists in generating ideas, providing references, and improving their overall workflow. While these tools are not without their limitations, they offer a new realm of possibilities for artists to explore.


  • Discover the power of AI generative tools for artists
  • Explore the process of using Dali 2 in creating portrait art
  • Experiment with different reference prompts and styles
  • Learn how Dali 2 serves as a valuable reference for artists
  • Recognize the strengths and limitations of AI generative tools


Q: Can AI generative tools completely replace human artists? A: No, AI generative tools like Dali 2 serve as valuable assistants and references for artists, but the creativity and uniqueness of human artists cannot be replicated.

Q: How long does it take to create a portrait using Dali 2? A: The time required to create a portrait varies depending on the complexity and level of detail. However, Dali 2 can significantly speed up the initial stages of creating a reference.

Q: Are AI-generated references suitable for commercial use? A: AI-generated references can be a valuable starting point for artists, but it is essential to ensure compliance with copyright laws and give credit where due.

Q: Can artists customize the generated references to suit their style? A: Yes, artists have the flexibility to add their personal touch and style to the generated references, allowing them to create unique and original artwork.

Q: Where can I learn more about AI generative tools and their applications in art? A: You can explore online resources, forums, and communities dedicated to AI art, such as AI Art Lab ( and (


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