Best 14 360 Tools in 2024

Portal360, Revivoto, Ai 360 Image Generation, ChatGPT 360, TeamFeedback - employee feedback tool, CopernicAI | Generative AI Environments, GeniusReview, Persuwise, Getfloorplan, Charma are the best paid / free 360 tools.

Immerse yourself in captivating 360-degree content
Revivoto provides professional photo editing solutions for the real estate industry.
Immersive 360° environments generated from prompts.
895 users
Enhance productivity with ChatGPT 360
Boost productivity, engagement, and retention with TeamFeedback's versatile employee feedback tool.
A platform using generative AI creates 2+1D environments, improving in quality.
GeniusReview is an AI platform that provides customized answers to performance review questions.
An AI-powered platform for contextual insights and effective communication.
AI service, Getfloorplan, creates 2D/3D floor plans and 360° virtual tours for real estate listings.
AI-powered toolkit for managing people.
SocialHub.AI is an advanced marketing platform integrating CRM, CDP, and MA for omni-channel operations.
Facial recognition attendance & payroll system
AI-powered self-service knowledge base
67 users
Enhance email outreach with AI support

What is 360?

360, also known as 360-degree feedback or multi-rater feedback, is a performance evaluation method that gathers input from an employee's circle of influence, including managers, peers, subordinates, and sometimes customers. This approach provides a comprehensive view of an individual's performance, skills, and behaviors from multiple perspectives.

What is the top 10 AI tools for 360?

Core Features
How to use


Portal For Editors, Writers, and Reviewers
Site For Customers and Employees
Widget For SaaS Products and Websites
API Documentation For Developers
Business Glossary
Ticket Deflector
Platform API
Health Check Metrics

Document360 is a platform that allows users to build, share, and manage knowledge bases, product documentation, manuals, SOPs, Wikis, and more. It offers features such as a portal for editors, writers, and reviewers, a site for customers and employees, a widget for SaaS products and websites, and API documentation for developers.


Creation of 2D and 3D floor plans
Generation of 360° virtual tours
Fast processing with up to 1,000 renders per day
AI technology for high-quality materials in half an hour
Widget available for easy access to materials on all devices

To use Getfloorplan, simply upload your floor plan or sketch. The AI technology will then process the file and generate high-quality marketing materials, including 2D basic floor plans, 3D full-color renderings, and 360° virtual tours. The materials can be accessed on any device, and you can choose to have them checked by a human for added quality assurance.


Real estate photo editing
Virtual staging
Item removal
Image enhancement
Floor plan redrawing
360° virtual staging

To use Revivoto, simply upload your photos and specify the services you need. You can choose from options like virtual staging, item removal, image enhancement, and floor plan redrawing. Once you've submitted your order, you will receive the edited photos within 24 hours.


One-on-one meeting management
Team meeting management
Goal setting
Employee recognition
Continuous feedback
360 reviews

Charma offers a user-friendly interface that allows managers to easily navigate and utilize the AI-powered toolkit. Managers can schedule and conduct one-on-one meetings, set goals, provide feedback, and conduct 360 reviews. Additionally, Charma integrates with popular team communication tools such as Slack, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication.


360° contextual information
Personal profiles
Company insights
AI-generated emails
Tailored messaging
Task & Shoot writing assistant
Mobile email preview
Email scoring

To use Persuwise, simply sign up for an account on our website. Once registered, you can access the platform's features and tools. Gain 360° contact insights by exploring personal profiles and company insights. Tailor your communications and outreach strategies with AI-generated emails that are fully tailored to your recipients. Utilize the writing assistant feature to improve your email writing skills, take advantage of mobile email preview, and use email scoring to assess the effectiveness of your emails.

TeamFeedback - employee feedback tool

360-degree feedback
ready-to-use templates
AI-generated reports
quick surveys
comprehensive analytics
data-driven team building
management dashboards

Free $0 per user/month Teams up to 10 people. Includes fast feedback, Feedback 360, Kudos AI summary, Employee OKRs & Goals, Skill matrix, and basic data export
Basic $1.70 per user/month Companies up to 250 people. Includes fast feedback, Feedback 360, Kudos AI summary, Employee OKRs & Goals, Skill matrix, Manager templates, and custom data exports
Professional $2.40 per user/month Companies more than 250 people. Includes fast feedback, Feedback 360, Kudos AI summary, Employee OKRs & Goals, Skill matrix, Manager templates, custom data exports, personal integrations, and assistance

Get your own data stream about your team by Automatic Feedbacks and Engagement Surveys. Let our special Artificial Intelligence do the work. Get quick feedback conclusions and insights about each team. Get the ultimate team Performance report which covers employee needs, issues and predictions.

CopernicAI | Generative AI Environments

Generation of AI-generated 360° panoramas
Creation of little planets
Converting text to 360° panoramic images
Turning 360° images into 2+1D environments using copernic360
Exploring CopernicAI environments in VR with the Quest headset

To use Generative AI Environments, you can start by trying out the alpha release of copernic360. This tool enables you to turn your 360° image into a 2+1D environment by adding depth information. The generated 360° images can be freely used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Additionally, you can explore CopernicAI environments in VR using the Quest headset. Simply sign up with your email to receive updates and an invitation to the upcoming closed alpha release of CopernicAI.


Tailored answers to performance review questions
Customization based on employee's role and skills
Efficient and time-saving process
Ability to rate skills and add custom questions
Option to select review tone

To use GeniusReview, start by entering the employee's name and role. Then, rate their skills on a scale from 1 to 10. Next, add your own questions for the performance review, providing specific examples and inputs. Finally, select the tone of your review to match your style. Once all information is entered, click 'Generate Review' to receive the personalized performance review.


AI-native marketing platform
Cloud-based architecture
Integrated CRM, CDP, and MA
Omni-channel consumer operation capabilities
Automated and personalized interactive conversations
AI-Agents for customer journey management
Real-time CDP with big data analysis and AI algorithm
Customer labels and 360° customer profiles
Large-scale CRM with cloud-native distributed architecture
Data-driven marketing automation
Integration with over 50 channels
Data security and reliability

To use SocialHub.AI, brands can leverage its AI capabilities to automate and personalize interactive conversations across multiple channels such as AI Call, WhatsApp Messenger, and EDM. The platform offers AI-Agents for customer journey management, allowing businesses to engage with customers in a scalable and cost-effective manner. With real-time CDP, brands can integrate localized systems to collect data across omni-channel and create customer labels and comprehensive 360° customer profiles. The platform also provides a large-scale CRM with cloud-native distributed architecture, enabling insight into the entire life cycle of members and mining member value. Additionally, SocialHub.AI offers data-driven marketing automation with a drag-and-drop canvas for quick configuration and push marketing rules. It can generate personalized content messages using AI and seamlessly integrate with over 50 channels through Open Data API.

360 FaceVision

Rapid Recognition
Seamless Integration
Centralized Access
Efficient Reporting
Customized Policies

To use 360 FaceVision, simply integrate the system with your existing management software, set up rolespecific consoles for employees, managers, and employers, and enjoy efficient attendance tracking and payroll management.

Newest 360 AI Websites

Enhance productivity with ChatGPT 360
Enhance email outreach with AI support
Facial recognition attendance & payroll system

360 Core Features

Holistic evaluation from multiple sources

Identifies strengths and areas for improvement

Promotes self-awareness and personal development

Enhances communication and collaboration

What is 360 can do?

Leadership development programs

Talent management and succession planning

Performance appraisals and goal setting

Team building and organizational development initiatives

360 Review

Users generally find 360 feedback to be a valuable tool for personal and professional development. Many appreciate the comprehensive nature of the feedback and the opportunity to identify blind spots and areas for growth. However, some users caution that the effectiveness of 360 feedback depends on the quality of the questions asked, the selection of raters, and the follow-up actions taken. Overall, users recommend using 360 feedback as part of a broader development strategy, in conjunction with other tools and support mechanisms.

Who is suitable to use 360?

An employee receives feedback from their manager, peers, and subordinates, gaining insights into their leadership skills, communication style, and technical expertise.

The employee works with a coach to interpret the results and create a development plan focusing on areas for improvement.

The employee engages in targeted training, mentoring, and on-the-job learning experiences to address development needs and leverage strengths.

How does 360 work?

To implement 360 feedback, organizations typically use specialized software or engage with consulting firms. The process involves selecting raters, designing a questionnaire, collecting anonymous feedback, analyzing results, and sharing findings with the employee. The employee then works with their manager or a coach to create a development plan based on the insights gained.

Advantages of 360

Provides a well-rounded view of an employee's performance

Identifies blind spots and hidden strengths

Encourages personal and professional growth

Promotes a culture of continuous improvement

Enhances team dynamics and communication

FAQ about 360

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