Unleash Gaming Power: Lenovo Legion T730 Review

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Unleash Gaming Power: Lenovo Legion T730 Review

Table of Contents

  • Overview of the Lenovo T730
  • Hardware Configurations
    • CPU
    • GPU
    • Memory
    • Storage
    • Motherboard Features
  • Case Design and Build
    • Exterior
    • Interior
    • Cooling System
  • Performance testing
    • Gaming Performance
    • Thermals
    • Overclocking
  • Noise Levels and Power Consumption
  • Gaming Benchmarks
    • Battlefield 5
    • Far Cry New DAWN
    • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    • CS:GO
  • Performance Optimization
  • Storage Performance
  • Pricing and Comparison
  • Pros and Cons
  • Upgrade Options

Overview of the Lenovo T730

The Lenovo T730 stands as a formidable prebuilt gaming PC, boasting a Blend of robust hardware and promising performance. In this comprehensive review, we delve deep into its specifications, design, performance metrics, and potential for upgrades.

Hardware Configurations


The T730 houses the formidable 8-core Intel i9-9900K CPU, a powerhouse capable of handling demanding gaming and multitasking scenarios with ease.


With the Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics card at its helm, the T730 promises immersive gaming experiences and efficient rendering of complex visuals.


Equipped with 16GB of dual-Channel memory, the T730 ensures smooth multitasking and responsive system performance.


Featuring a 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD and a spacious 2TB hard drive, the T730 strikes a balance between Speedy data access and ample storage capacity.

Motherboard Features

The T730's motherboard boasts essential connectivity options, including gigabit ethernet, 802.11ac WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.1, catering to diverse user needs.

Case Design and Build


Crafted from a blend of metal and plastic, the T730's sleek black case exudes a modern aesthetic appeal. The acrylic side panel offers a glimpse into the system's internals, complemented by subtle Legion branding.


Internally, the T730 prioritizes functionality, with a clutter-free layout and customizable RGB lighting enhancing its visual appeal.

Cooling System

The T730 features an efficient cooling system, with strategically placed fans and heatsinks ensuring optimal thermal management during extended gaming Sessions.

Performance Testing

Gaming Performance

In rigorous gaming tests, the T730 delivers stellar performance across various resolutions and graphical settings, showcasing its prowess in handling modern titles with finesse.


Thermal testing reveals the T730's ability to maintain acceptable temperatures under load, with provisions for manual tweaks to further optimize cooling efficiency.


With the option for CPU and memory overclocking via Lenovo Vantage software, users can unlock additional performance potential tailored to their preferences.

Noise Levels and Power Consumption

The T730 exhibits modest noise levels during idle and load scenarios, with power consumption scaling proportionately to system demand.

Gaming Benchmarks

Battlefield 5

At 1080p and 1440p resolutions, the T730 delivers fluid gameplay experiences, with frame rates exceeding expectations even at ultra settings.

Far Cry New Dawn

Testing at varying resolutions demonstrates the T730's ability to maintain high frame rates, ensuring smooth gameplay across different graphical presets.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

With consistent frame rates across resolutions, the T730 impresses with its ability to handle graphically demanding titles without compromise.


Even at 4K resolution, the T730 maintains exceptional frame rates, underscoring its suitability for both casual and competitive gaming.

Performance Optimization

By leveraging overclocking and undervolting techniques, users can extract additional performance gains from the T730, further enhancing its gaming capabilities.

Storage Performance

Benchmark results highlight the T730's storage prowess, with impressive read and write speeds from the NVMe SSD and commendable performance from the accompanying hard drive.

Pricing and Comparison

With competitive pricing and comparable performance to other prebuilt systems, the T730 presents a compelling option for gamers seeking a balance of performance and value.

Pros and Cons


  • Robust hardware configuration
  • Sleek and functional case design
  • Competitive gaming performance
  • Upgrade-friendly components


  • Limited GPU overclocking options
  • Potential for thermal throttling under load
  • Lack of integrated fan controls for GPU

Upgrade Options


Users can explore upgrade options for the GPU, provided compatibility with the case and power supply constraints are considered.

Power Supply

Considering the 500W power supply's limitations, upgrades may necessitate careful consideration of power requirements and compatibility.


While the i9-9900K offers commendable performance, future CPU upgrades within the Z370 chipset's limitations may be limited.

Memory and Storage

Expansion options for memory and storage are available, albeit within the confines of the motherboard's specifications and available slots.


  • Powerful hardware configuration
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Optimized for gaming performance
  • Upgrade-friendly design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can the T730 handle VR gaming? A: Yes, the T730's robust hardware configuration makes it well-suited for immersive VR experiences without compromising performance.

Q: Does the T730 support dual-monitor setups? A: Absolutely, the T730's GPU and connectivity options facilitate seamless dual-monitor configurations for enhanced productivity and gaming versatility.

Q: Is it possible to customize the RGB lighting on the T730? A: Yes, the Lenovo Vantage software allows users to personalize the RGB lighting effects, providing flexibility to match their setup aesthetics.

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