Big Tech Company

What is Big Tech Company?

Big Tech Company is an AI-powered blockchain metaverse adtech company that aims to disrupt society and create moonshots to drive shareholder value. They offer a range of cutting-edge software products that harness the power of big data and the blockchain to change the world.

Added on June 03 2023

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Big Tech Company : Reviews, Pricing, Core features, Use cases, alternatives
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How to install?

How to use Big Tech Company?

To use Big Tech Company's products, you can start by exploring their software suite which leverages disruptive innovation. You can request a demo to experience their AI-powered solutions such as EchoChamber, AdSearch, RugPull, VoteBot, ThoughtPolice, Baton, Loom, LifeScore, TrustBot 3000, MindMeld, Aurora, and Chime. These products offer various functionalities that cater to different needs and objectives.

Big Tech Company's Core Features

AI-powered adtech
leveraging big data and blockchain
automation and job elimination
colonization of cyberspace
polarization and tribalism optimization
microtargeted advertising
creating fake cryptocurrencies with rug pulls
civic automation through voting
thought surveillance and punishment
proactive dissent suppression
nutrition service sabotage
life quantification
trust and safety automation
mind control through brain implants
smart home security with data monetization

Big Tech Company's Use Cases

#1 Spreading disinformation and propaganda
#2 optimized ad search for advertisers
#3 executing rug pulls for financial gain
#4 automated voting in elections
#5 thought and opinion suppression
#6 identifying and suppressing potential rioters and looters
#7 preventing users from staying healthy
#8 assigning numerical life scores
#9 automated problematic user identification
#10 brain implant-based behavior and belief influence
#11 smart home security with data monetization

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What is Big Tech Company?
How can I use Big Tech Company's products?
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What are the use cases for Big Tech Company's products?