What is Finology?

Finology is an AI-powered cash flow solution designed for small businesses. It allows business owners to securely connect all their financial accounts in one place, track and reconcile transactions in real-time, and receive actionable recommendations to improve business decisions.

Added on May 30 2023

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How to install?

How to use Finology?

To use Finology, business owners need to follow these steps: 1. Set up: Connect financial accounts such as QuickBooks, bank accounts, credit cards, POS systems, or Excel sheets securely. Work with a dedicated financial expert to identify important numbers to monitor. 2. Financial insights: Get a quick view of money flowing in and out of the business, monitor critical numbers, and receive real-time financial projections for upcoming months. 3. Error detection: Finology's AI system learns about the business and identifies errors in finances, notifying the user to fix them immediately. 4. Recommendations: Follow step-by-step instructions provided by Finology to achieve business goals and improve financials. Expert support is also available.

Finology's Core Features

Quick setup in under 30 minutes
Automated tracking and reconciliation of transactions in real-time
Cash flow predictions for the entire business or each project
Smart recommendations for critical decisions and improved business judgment
Real-time visibility into business health with powerful financial reporting

Finology's Use Cases

#1 Inadequate planning and forecasting of financials
#2 Cash flow management and optimization
#3 Identifying profitable products or services
#4 Seasonal business viability
#5 Identifying profitable business opportunities

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