helpix AI

What is helpix AI?

helpix is an AI platform that converses in your language via texts, emails, social media, live chats, and WhatsApp. Utilising an optichannel approach, it quickly answers questions just like a human would.

Added on October 25 2023

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helpix AI : Reviews, Pricing, Core features, Use cases, alternatives
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How to install?

How to use helpix AI?

Experience helpix, the leading AI automation for customer service. Respond instantly to client queries, and maximize efficiency effortlessly.

helpix AI's Core Features

Automated customer service
Intelligent AI
All-channel messaging
Seamless knowledge integration
Continuous learning for smarter AI
Out-of-the-box automation
Optichannel engagement
Language-adaptive communication
Superior responses with advanced natural language understanding

helpix AI's Use Cases

#1 Customer support
#2 Sales inquiries
#3 Lead generation
#4 Language translation
#5 Efficient communication

helpix AI's Plan


Proprietary NLU Model. No-Code Training. Any 1 Channel Support. Any 1 Language Support. Conversation Timeline. Training Suggestions. Bot KPIs. SLA - 99.9% Uptime


Everything in Starter. Agents Support. Conversational Intelligence. Multichannel Support. Multilingual Support. Integrations. Predictive Suggestions. Knowledge Base & Content Authentication


Everything in Growth. Events & Goals Analytics. API Support. Smart Detect. A/B Testing. Lead Creation. Data Enrichment. Sentiment Analysis. AI Performance Reporting

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FAQ from helpix AI

What is helpix?
What are the core features of helpix?
What are the use cases of helpix?
How does helpix ensure accurate responses?
What languages does helpix support?