What is Lesseffort?

Lesseffort is a beautiful UI for ChatGPT, an AI assistant powered by OpenAI's language model. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to have engaging conversations with the AI assistant.

Added on June 23 2023

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Lesseffort : Reviews, Pricing, Core features, Use cases, alternatives
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How to install?

How to use Lesseffort?

To use Lesseffort, simply customize the appearance of the app by choosing your favorite color scheme. Then, explore the community prompts or create your own prompts based on your specific needs. You can easily share conversations with others by generating shareable links. Lesseffort also offers features like saving important messages, customizing the tone and language of the AI assistant's responses, and tracking your API usage cost.

Lesseffort's Core Features

Customize app's appearance with favorite color scheme
Discover pre-constructed prompts shared by the app community
Create personalized prompts for relevant and accurate responses
Share conversations with others via shareable links
Save important chat messages for future reference
Personalize the tone and language style of AI assistant's responses
Track API usage cost to optimize resource management

Lesseffort's Use Cases

#1 Personal productivity and organization
#2 Generating creative ideas and brainstorming
#3 Collaboration and seeking feedback
#4 Remembering important details or insights

Lesseffort's Plan



Customize app's appearance. Discover community prompts. Limited chat history. Select language, tone, and format. Light mode & dark mode. Relax mode. Custom font size



Unlimited chat history. Access to prompts library. Save and share conversations. Custom accent color. Lifetime updates



Unlimited chat history. Access to prompts library. Save and share conversations. Custom accent color. Lifetime updates

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FAQ from Lesseffort

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