What is msgmate.io?

Msgmate is a software service that allows users to utilize chat GPT in their favorite messengers. It offers a full chat-GPT experience with configurable and extendable APIs and actions to customize it as an AI assistant.

Added on June 02 2023

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How to install?

How to use msgmate.io?

To use Msgmate, you can register on the website and obtain alpha credits. Then, activate Msgmate by sending 'Activate msgmate' to +4915259679433 using your Telegram or Signal account. With Msgmate, you can ask general questions, generate images, set reminders, and more. Additionally, you can integrate predefined prompts using the provided APIs.

msgmate.io's Core Features

Full chat-GPT experience in your favorite messenger
Customizable prompts and actions
Anonymized API calls
Integratable APIs to use with your own apps
Fast and accessible messaging
Easy to use and easy to integrate

msgmate.io's Use Cases

#1 Chatting with a smart AI assistant in your favorite messenger
#2 Getting prompt responses to general questions
#3 Generating images on the go
#4 Setting reminders and notifications
#5 Integrating chat GPT with your own applications

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FAQ from msgmate.io

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Why do I have to pay for tokens and how does the price compare to OpenAI API pricing?