What is PollPebble?

Engage customers and uncover insights with microsurveys

Added on December 28 2023

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How to install?

How to use PollPebble?

Create, distribute, and analyze surveys effortlessly. Gain deep insights and make informed decisions.

PollPebble's Core Features

User insights with targeted microsurveys for small businesses
Embeddable Surveys to seamlessly integrate surveys into your platform, website, or application
Intuitive Survey Creation with a user-friendly interface
AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis to enhance insights
Customizable Templates for different use cases
Real-time Analytics to monitor responses in real-time
Empower decision-making with AI for adaptive surveys
Effortless Usability for dynamic survey creation
Actionable Sentiment Analysis to dive into the sentiment behind every response
Uncompromising Response Security to ensure confidentiality
Maximize feedback and drive improvement

PollPebble's Use Cases

#1 Small businesses, academic projects

PollPebble's Plan



Perfect for small to medium businesses or academic projects

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FAQ from PollPebble

Can I customize the design of my surveys?
Is my respondents' data secure?
How many respondents can take my survey?
What types of questions can I include in my survey?
Are there any limitations on the survey length or number of questions?
Is there a mobile app for survey management?
How can I share my survey?