What is StrAIberry?

StrAIberry is an AI solution for the Patient, Insurance, Dentist triangle. It organizes and solves issues related to personal oral hygiene, appointment setting, second eye opinion for dentists, insurance fraud, and risk management for insurance. It aims to save cost, time, and paper waste.

Added on April 27 2023

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How to install?

How to use StrAIberry?

1. Download the StrAIberry application from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). 2. Open the application and create an account. 3. Choose the type of checkup you require, such as whitening or regular checkups. 4. Follow the instructions to take up to three photos of your lower jaw, upper jaw, and front teeth. 5. The AI-powered engine will analyze your photos and provide feedback on your oral hygiene condition. 6. Utilize the provided innovative Insurtech solutions for individuals, insurance companies, and dentists/dental clinics.

StrAIberry's Core Features

Personal oral hygiene care
Appointment setting
Second eye opinion with high precision for dentists
Insurance fraud detection
Risk management for insurance
Innovative Insurtech solutions
AI-powered engine for evaluation of oral hygiene condition
Risk assessment for insurance companies
Dashboard for dentists, dental clinics, organizations, and NGOs

StrAIberry's Use Cases

#1 Individuals: Users can easily track their oral hygiene status, receive second opinions on their dental conditions, and manage their appointments through the StrAIberry app.
#2 Insurance Companies: StrAIberry removes the assessment process of insurance fund requests, saving costs and eliminating paperwork. It offers a detailed dashboard for convenient tracking and reporting.
#3 Dentists/Dental Clinics: StrAIberry provides dashboards for tracking users' oral hygiene status and treatment history, enabling better precision in medical care.
#4 Insurtech Industry: StrAIberry offers innovative solutions for personal oral hygiene management, appointment scheduling, insurance fraud detection, and risk management.

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FAQ from StrAIberry

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