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AI-powered storyteller for kids.
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Oct 29 2023
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TalesGen Product Information

What is TalesGen?

TalesGen is your AI-powered storyteller for kid-friendly tales.

How to use TalesGen?

Pick complexity, genre & themes to craft or find community stories quickly. Customize with images. Mark as read, favorite, or rate. Multi-language support.

TalesGen's Core Features

AI-powered storytelling

Customizable stories

Image customization

Easy searching and filtering

TalesGen's Use Cases


Develop reading habits in children


Imagination and learning journey for kids

FAQ from TalesGen

What is TalesGen?

How can I use TalesGen?

Is TalesGen safe for children?

  • TalesGen Company

    TalesGen Company name: Pequi Inc .

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TalesGen: AI-powered storyteller for kids.
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