What is ThumbsUp?

ThumbsUp is a user feedback collection tool that allows businesses to gather valuable insights from their customers. It provides sentiment analysis, keyword trends, and AI-driven suggestions to help improve products and increase user satisfaction.

Added on August 17 2023

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How to install?

How to use ThumbsUp?

To start using ThumbsUp, simply copy and paste a one-line HTML code into your website. This will integrate the feedback collection widget. Once implemented, ThumbsUp collects user feedback and provides comprehensive analysis and insights.

ThumbsUp's Core Features

Sentiment Analysis: Gain insights into customer opinions and emotions.
Keyword Trends: Stay up-to-date with evolving customer preferences and concerns.
AI Suggestions: Receive automated recommendations for addressing customer concerns.
Track Improvement Tasks: Manage and track progress on feedback-related improvements.
Customizable Feedback: Customize feedback questions and button locations to suit your needs.

ThumbsUp's Use Cases

#1 Improve Product: Leverage collected feedback to make enhancements and improvements.
#2 Increase User Satisfaction: Address customer concerns and tailor products to meet their needs.
#3 Guide Product Roadmap: Make informed decisions based on customer feedback and trends.

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FAQ from ThumbsUp

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