Track Trade

What is Track Trade?

Track Trade is a platform that offers insights into which NFTs can be profitably bought and sold. It uses TradeSage, an NFT prediction algorithm, to analyze millions of data points and provide email alerts on key trading opportunities.

Added on May 27 2023

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Track Trade

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How to install?

How to use Track Trade?

1. Sign up for Track Trade and subscribe to the service.2. Receive email alerts from TradeSage with recommendations on which NFTs to buy or sell.3. Decide whether to make the suggested trades based on the provided information.4. Track your NFT trading performance and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Track Trade's Core Features

TradeSage: A powerful NFT prediction algorithm that analyzes data from thousands of NFT collections to provide trading insights.
Real-time Email Alerts: Get notified within minutes of a TradeSage prediction, including what to buy or sell and at what price.
Historical Data and Research: Access exclusive historical data, charts, and research to inform your trading decisions.
User Control: Track Trade does not connect to your wallet or make trades on your behalf. It provides recommendation alerts, and you decide whether to execute the trades.
Free TradeSage Weekly Review: Get a weekly review of past TradeSage alerts delivered to your inbox for free, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness of the platform.
Profitability: Maximize earning potential by leveraging TradeSage's insights to make profitable NFT trades.

Track Trade's Use Cases

First Time NFT Traders: Beginners who are new to NFT trading can utilize Track Trade to receive expert recommendations on profitable NFTs to buy and sell.
Experienced Buyers: Experienced NFT traders can benefit from TradeSage's predictions and historical data to enhance their trading strategies and maximize profits.

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FAQ from Track Trade

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