Best 16 NFTs Tools in 2024

Alethea, LIKN, Udio AI, Itoka MuseEngine, Worlds Beyond, BlockBot, OpenNFT, Generative BCG "Prompt Monsters", Nifty NFT, are the best paid / free NFTs tools.

Alethea AI combines Generative AI and Blockchain to develop interactive AI characters.
LIKN is a Web3 protocol for converting, trading and authenticating NFTs from Web2 content.
Itoka is a platform for sharing and streaming music.
< 5K
Customizable metaverse with AAA graphics lets owners create unique multiplayer experiences.
< 5K
Decentralized AI bots marketplace powered by blockchain technology.
< 5K
Open NFT enables easy creation of custom NFTs without coding skills.
< 5K
AI-driven blockchain game with unique monsters.
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Nifty-NFT enables users to create personalized NFT art using AI.
< 5K
Unleash your creativity with unlimited NFT collections.
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NFTngine is a user-friendly platform for minting AI-generated NFT images.
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Track Trade enables profitable NFT trading with TradeSage's data-driven insights and email alerts.
< 5K
Generate AiMon creatures and mint them as NFTs on
AI-powered music creation platform.
NFT project raises funds for Ukraine's humanitarian crisis.
Game builder, no coding, under 5 minutes
< 5K
AI-powered platform for creating and collecting NFTs.

What is NFTs?

AI NFTs, or Artificial Intelligence Non-Fungible Tokens, refer to a type of digital asset that represents ownership or proof of authenticity of AI-generated works in a blockchain. This could include AI-generated images, texts, music, or any digital creation. These unique tokens are stored on the blockchain, which maintains the records of who owns these assets.

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16 Tools
NFTs already has over 16 AI tools.
214.6K Total Monthly Visitors
NFTs already boasts over 214.6K user visits per month.
0 tools traffic more than 1M
NFTs already exists at least 0 AI tools with more than one million monthly user visits.

What is the top 10 AI tools for NFTs?

Core Features
How to use


AI-powered music creation
Interactive music format
Access to iconic labels
Play, create, and remix music
Fun and engaging user experience

To use Korus, simply sign up with your email or existing account. Once registered, you can access the music metaverse and start playing, creating, and remixing music using AI-powered tools and features.


Core features of Alethea AI
Alethea AI offers several core features: - CharacterGPT V2: The world's first Multimodal AI system capable of generating interactive AI characters from natural language descriptions. - AI Protocol: A suite of decentralized smart contracts that enable ownership, interoperability, and governance of AI Characters and Assets. - An external decentralized application (dApp) built on the AI Protocol, providing access to realistic and customizable AI Characters tokenizable on the blockchain. - ALI Utility Token: The native ERC-20 utility token of the AI Protocol, facilitating transactions, governance, and intelligence upgrades for AI Characters.

How to use Alethea AI To use Alethea AI, visit their website and explore the available AI systems and tools. You can try out CharacterGPT V2 at, the first decentralized application built on the AI Protocol. It allows you to generate realistic, interactive, and emotionally expressive AI Characters that can be tokenized on the blockchain. You can also learn more about the AI Protocol and its suite of decentralized smart contracts.

LIKN - Link Your Content to Web3

LIKN offers several core features: 1) Content conversion into NFTs with AI analysis and NFT card generation; 2) AI assistant (LIKN Assistant Copilot) to answer questions about specific content; 3) Easy sharing of LIKN cards on social media platforms; 4) Trading of content on LIKN and other marketplaces; 5) Browse and earn feature where NFT owners can access content and creators can make profits; 6) Embedding LIKN cards on personal websites for selling.

To use LIKN, simply enter the URL of the content you want to convert into an NFT. LIKN's AI will analyze the content, generate an NFT card, and provide a preview. You can then post the LIKN card on social media platforms or sell it on LIKN and other marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. Owners of collected NFTs have access to the content, while creators can profit from every LIKN transaction.


Upload and share original music
Discover new and trending music from various genres
Create and manage playlists
Follow favorite artists and receive updates
Interact with other users and the music community

free_version Itoka offers a free version with basic features and limited storage for music uploads.
premium_version For more advanced features and unlimited storage, Itoka offers a premium subscription plan at $9.99 per month.

To use Itoka, simply sign up for an account and start uploading your music, or explore the vast collection of music shared by other users. You can create playlists, follow your favorite artists, and interact with the music community.


No coding required, multiplayer game creation in under 5 minutes, 6+ genres to choose from, freedom to choose art design style

Craft multiplayer games in under 5 minutes across 6+ genres without coding


1. Artwork Generation: Utilizes a neural network pipeline to generate artworks from text descriptions of significant events. 2. NFT Sales: Offers the generated artworks as NFTs for purchase, with all funds donated to support Ukraine's humanitarian crisis. 3. History Preservation: Uses blockchain technology to preserve and document the history of the Russian war against Ukraine.

To support the cause, you can participate in the NFT sale on the Sirens Gallery website. The neural network has generated 1991 paintings illustrating major events of the Russian-Ukrainian full-scale war. The NFT Sale will be available on the website, and you can purchase the NFTs or donate to the Ukrainian charity fund directly. By buying NFTs or donating, you contribute to helping war victims and the reconstruction of affected cities.

Worlds Beyond NFT

Customizable metaverse with AAA quality graphics
Ability to build and customize worlds
Host multiplayer experiences like games, competitions, venues, concerts, community hangouts, and more

To use Worlds Beyond NFT, follow the steps below: 1. Download the application for Windows or MacOS from the provided links. 2. Launch the application and create an account. 3. Explore the autogenerated lands of different biomes. 4. Fully customize and build your own world according to your imagination. 5. Host multiplayer experiences and invite others to join. 6. Enjoy the limitless creative possibilities of the metaverse!


Access a diverse array of AI bots for various needs and use cases
Secure, fast, and cost-effective utilization of AI technology
Trade AI bots as NFTs on the blockchain
Monetize AI bots using the utility token $BOT

To use BlockBot, first, login or connect your wallet to the platform. Then, buy $BOT utility tokens, which serve as the primary currency for acquiring Blockbot Operational Tokens (BOT) in the form of NFTs. These NFTs empower users with unique functionalities and enhancements within the BlockBot ecosystem. With the acquired NFTs, users can create or enhance their AI bots for specific use cases.


Pixelmind's core features include AI-powered art generation, NFT creation and collection, and the ability to evolve your artistic style.

To use Pixelmind, simply enable JavaScript and visit the Pixelmind portal. From there, you can start creating and collecting NFTs using AI-generated art.

Open NFT

NFT generator and minting software
No coding skills required
Design custom NFTs with uploaded pictures or cartoon art
Support for multiple image formats including JPG
Generates NFTs compatible with OpenSea and other blockchain marketplaces
Offline functionality with no need for an internet connection
High-performance performance with the ability to generate 1000 NFTs in 10 seconds
Available in 16 languages

To use Open NFT, simply download the software from the website and install it on your device. Once installed, you can design your NFT by uploading a picture or creating cartoon art. The software supports various image formats, including JPG. After customization, you can generate unlimited NFTs with just one click. The generated NFTs are compatible with popular blockchain marketplaces like OpenSea and can be easily shared with friends or sold for profit.

Newest NFTs AI Websites

AI-powered platform for creating and collecting NFTs.
AI-powered music creation platform.
Unleash your creativity with unlimited NFT collections.

NFTs Core Features


Every AI NFT is unique and cannot be replicated, providing a proof of ownership for AI-generated digital works.


Once an AI NFT is issued, it is stored permanently on the blockchain and cannot be altered or removed.


AI NFTs can be bought, sold or traded on any platform that supports the specific token standard they are issued on, like the Ethereum ERC-721 or ERC-1155.


AI NFTs also can have built-in royalties. The creator can get a percentage of sell every time the NFT is sold to a new person.

Who is suitable to use NFTs?

AI NFTs are suitable for a diverse group of users. These include AI artists who want to monetize their digital creations, investors looking for non-traditional investment routes, collectors who are interested in digital and unique art, and blockchain enthusiasts who are interested in exploring new applications of the technology.

How does NFTs work?

AI NFTs are AI-generated works that are minted as tokens on the blockchain. The process of minting converts the AI work into an NFT. Each NFT has its own distinct information or attributes which differentiate it from other tokens. It is then placed in the owner's digital wallet. The blockchain's transparent and immutable ledger confirms authenticity and ownership. The NFT can then be bought, sold, or traded on various online marketplaces that support NFT transactions.

Advantages of NFTs

AI NFTs allow for the democratization of AI-generated arts. Artists can sell their works directly to consumers, bypassing traditional galleries or auction houses. They also retain copyright and reproduction rights. Moreover, smart contracts in blockchain allow recurring revenue to artists by way of royalties. For collectors, AI NFTs offer the possibility to diversify into digital assets.

FAQ about NFTs

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