Best 12 Tax Assistant Tools in 2024

Recap NFT Gallery with AI Appraisals,, Socratic Lab, TaxGenius, CanTax, TaxGPT, UnitedTax.AI, TaxGPT: Your AI Tax Assistant, CPA Pilot, are the best paid / free Tax Assistant tools.

Recap is a crypto tax software and portfolio tracker that prioritizes user privacy.
< 5K
Understand your taxes and save money.
< 5K
TaxGenius is a tax app that uses AI technology to simplify tax season for users.
< 5K
AI-powered Canadian tax advisor.
Effortlessly file taxes for $50
< 5K
AI-enhanced tax returns & bookkeeping solutions.
Simplify tax processes, maximize deductions with AI-powered TaxGPT.
AI tax assistant, automating research, client communication, and marketing for tax accountants.
2 simplifies tax filing and preparation in Australia with AI, eliminating paperwork and offering personalized recommendations for tax savings.
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Cutting-edge AI for simplified business finances.
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Summary: NRI GPT is a chatbot for NRIs, helping with India investing and taxes.
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Receipt Cat is a scanner app for receipts and expense tracking for small businesses.

What is Tax Assistant?

An AI Tax Assistant is a type of artificial intelligence program designed to help with the tax preparation process. It leverages machine learning and natural language processing to interpret complex tax laws, find deductions, and provide personalized tax advice. Depending on its capabilities, an AI Tax Assistant can streamline tax preparation, make predictions about tax liability, and ultimately help individuals and businesses minimize their tax burden while maximizing tax returns.

Tax Assistant Insights

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12 Tools
Tax Assistant already has over 12 AI tools.
76.3K Total Monthly Visitors
Tax Assistant already boasts over 76.3K user visits per month.
0 tools traffic more than 1M
Tax Assistant already exists at least 0 AI tools with more than one million monthly user visits.

What is the top 10 AI tools for Tax Assistant?

Core Features
How to use

TaxGPT: Your AI Tax Assistant

Accurate and latest responses to tax queries
Identification of eligible deductions
Instant answers to tax questions
Secure and confidential data
Advanced AI algorithms for reliable information

1. Ask your tax question in the chat interface. 2. Get AI-powered answers with accurate and detailed explanations. 3. Make informed decisions about your tax situation.


Personalized tax answers
Maximum refund and accuracy guarantee

Basic Plan $50 File personal taxes with maximum refund and accuracy guarantee.
Advanced Plan $100 Includes personalized tax assistance and additional features for tax professionals.

Ask any tax question and get personalized answers. File your taxes effortlessly.


Effortlessly track crypto assets
Automatically sync accounts from major exchanges
Support for Ethereum wallets including NFTs, DeFi, and DEX trading
CSV import for other exchanges, wallets, and chains
Private-by-design encryption of account data
Real-time tracking of crypto portfolio
View crypto assets' value in pounds
Analyze trading performance
Check asset split

To use Recap, users need to sign up for an account and connect their exchanges and wallets via API or CSV import. Once the accounts are linked, Recap will automatically sync and track all trades and crypto assets in real-time. Users can then download their HMRC tax reports with a single click. The platform also provides features for analyzing trading performance, checking asset split, and tracking the overall value of the crypto portfolio. - Hassle-Free Tax Filing and Professional Tax Preparation

Automated tax deductions and filing
Maximization of deductions for maximum savings
Secure and user-friendly interface
Expert support and guidance from CPAs
Personalized AI-based recommendations for tax savings
Integration with accounting software and financial tools

To use, sign up with your Google or Apple account or create an account using your email address. Verify your account through two-factor authentication for added security. Enable reminders for tax deductions and provide information about your work status and expenses. Connect your bank statements to automatically import transactions. will then analyze your statements, display individual expenses for tax deductions, and help you file your Australian tax return accurately.

CPA Pilot

Personalized research
Faster client email drafting
Social media content creation
Publication summaries
Complex tax scenario guidance
Communication with IRS
Tax planning

CPA Pilot $8.99 Upgrade from the free version with smarter and more helpful AI
CPA Pilot Pro $49.99 Smartest CPA Pilot with Federal and State Tax Codes
CPA Pilot Sales Bot $59.99 Have CPA Pilot on your website and improve lead generation

Simply log in to the CPA Pilot platform and access personalized research, faster client email drafting, and social media content creation to grow your firm in seconds.

1. Tax return analysis 2. Smart recommendations for saving money on taxes

Sign up or log in to Upload your U.S. tax return and we will analyze it for you. We will then provide recommendations to help you lower your tax bill.



AI-assisted tax app
Accurate and up-to-date tax information
Search for popular tax questions
Explore various tax topics
Instant answers to tax queries

Using TaxGenius is simple. Just open the app, enter your tax question, and let the AI technology provide you with the answer. You can search for the most popular questions about taxes or explore various tax topics for detailed information.

HelpingMillions of Canadians Answer Their Tax Questions. Personalized Tax advice tailored specifically to your unique financial needs. Private & Secure Rest assured, your personal remain confidential and is safeguarded with industry-leading encryption protocols. Comprehensive Knowledge Our artificial intelligence is proficiently trained on all federal and provincial tax legislation, providing you with holistic advice. Available 24/7 Get immediate tax advice whenever you require it, around the clock.

Start Chat Instant Tax Help for Canadians Your Free AI-Powered Guide to Canadian Personal Income Tax. Select province or territory Start Chat

United Tax

Expert prepared tax returns
AI-enhanced technology
Bookkeeping solutions
Accurate tax estimations
Tailored tax advice

Upload your tax documents and answer a few questions inside your secure tax portal. Our experts and AI technology will review your information and accurately prepare your return. Once the taxes are complete, we review them with you, providing actionable insights to reduce your tax liability.

Newest Tax Assistant AI Websites

Effortlessly file taxes for $50
AI-enhanced tax returns & bookkeeping solutions.
Simplify tax processes, maximize deductions with AI-powered TaxGPT.

Tax Assistant Core Features

Tax Law Interpretation

Understands and interprets complex tax laws and regulations.

Deduction Finder

Identifies potential deductions to reduce tax liability.

Personalized Tax Advice

Provides custom tax planning advice based on individual's or business's financial situation.

Audit Protection

Helps prepare for potential audits, providing support on how to respond and the documents to present.

Tax Return Preparation

Automates the tedious process of tax return preparation.

Who is suitable to use Tax Assistant?

AI Tax Assistant is suitable for both individuals seeking to optimize their personal taxes and businesses of all sizes aiming to streamline their tax activities. It's suitable for businesses across industries due to its capabilities to handle complex tax laws. Accounting firms could also benefit from AI Tax Assistant by automating routine tax processes and enabling more strategic advisory roles.

How does Tax Assistant work?

AI Tax Assistant uses artificial intelligence technologies in its operation. It utilizes machine learning to process tax-related data, predict tax liability, discover potential deductions, and provide advice. It uses natural language processing to interpret tax laws and interact with users. Additionally, it depends on data analytics to dive deeply into financial data and make smart predictions.

Advantages of Tax Assistant

The significant advantages of AI Tax Assistant include: Streamlined Tax Processes, Potential Tax Savings, Personalized Tax Recommendations, Audit Protection, and 24/7 accessibility.

FAQ about Tax Assistant

Does AI Tax Assistant guarantees 100% accuracy?
Can AI Tax Assistant handle the tax laws of all regions?