Effortlessly Sync GitHub with Tara: Your Ultimate Task Management Solution

Effortlessly Sync GitHub with Tara: Your Ultimate Task Management Solution

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Syncing GitHub with Tara
  3. Connecting a Personal GitHub Profile
  4. Syncing Open Issues with Tara
  5. Managing Tasks in Tara
  6. Linking Tasks with GitHub Branches
  7. Tracking Task Progress
  8. Viewing Insights on the Progress Page
  9. Keeping Track of Assigned Pull Requests
  10. Conclusion


Hey guys, it's Chloe from Tara! In this article, we'll guide you through the process of syncing GitHub with Tara. By integrating these two powerful tools, you'll be able to track progress, manage priorities, and view changes seamlessly between both workspaces.

Syncing GitHub with Tara

To begin, let's start with syncing GitHub to Tara. This integration enables teams to stay in sync by importing open issues, connecting tasks, and ensuring real-time updates. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the integrations tab located at the top of your Tara page.
  2. Click on the "Connect" button next to GitHub to open the integration page.
  3. Select the repositories you want to sync, import open issues from, or connect tasks to.
  4. Make sure you have admin-level access to your GitHub organization. If not, the permissions screen will guide you through requesting access from your organization's admin.
  5. Once your admin approves the request, you'll be able to install the Tara app and link the platforms.

Connecting a Personal GitHub Profile

Connecting your personal GitHub profile is essential for streamlining priority maintenance and tracking weekly progress within Tara. Here's how you can connect your GitHub profile:

  1. Click the "Connect Profile" button for GitHub on Tara.
  2. By default, Tara will link to the account you're signed into on GitHub.

Please note that only workspace admins have the permissions to enable integrations within Tara. Additionally, users are currently limited to one GitHub workspace per Tara workspace and vice versa.

Syncing Open Issues with Tara

Once the app and your account have been Synced, open GitHub issues from your repositories will appear on your sprint page under the task backlog in Tara. These issues will be converted into tasks, with their assignees automatically assigned as collaborators.

Managing Tasks in Tara

Tasks in Tara function just like regular tasks, and you can give them effort estimations, change their status, and assign them to sprints or requirements. The native tasks in Tara can also be linked to GitHub branches, enabling cross-platform tracking.

Linking Tasks with GitHub Branches

To synchronize tasks with git data and ensure accurate sprint progress insights, you can link tasks in Tara with GitHub branches. This allows you to track branch names, related pull requests, and the most recent commits made. The connected task will update automatically to reflect any changes made in GitHub.

Tracking Task Progress

On the progress page in Tara, you'll find insights into your current sprint's progress. This page displays individual tasks with their assignees, along with their progress within the sprint. You can also view pull request statuses and commit counts, providing a comprehensive overview of your team's code basis and engineering performance.

Viewing Insights on the Progress Page

The progress page allows you to track the number of commits made within a task, identify pending pull requests for review, and view pull requests that have been successfully merged. Additionally, you can see any blocked open and merged pull requests, as well as delve into commit details. Accessing this information helps streamline daily standups and keeps your team on track.

Keeping Track of Assigned Pull Requests

On the bottom of your Tara home page, you'll find all the pull requests that are assigned specifically to you. This feature enables you to keep track of your individual code priorities separately, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


That's all for now! We hope this guide has helped you understand how to sync GitHub with Tara and take advantage of the seamless integration between these two platforms. By tracking your team's progress, delivering priorities, and gaining insights into engineering performance, Tara empowers you to achieve greater efficiency and collaboration. Happy syncing!


  • Sync GitHub with Tara for seamless progress tracking and priority management.
  • Import open issues and convert them into tasks in Tara's sprint page.
  • Link tasks in Tara with GitHub branches for cross-platform tracking.
  • Gain insights into sprint progress, pull request statuses, and commit counts on the progress page.
  • Keep track of assigned pull requests for individual code priorities in Tara.


Q: Can I sync multiple GitHub repositories with Tara? A: Yes, you can choose to sync repositories you want to actively import open issues from or connect tasks to.

Q: Do I need admin-level access to my GitHub organization? A: Yes, having admin-level access is necessary to install the Tara app and enable the integration.

Q: Can I link Tara tasks with multiple GitHub branches? A: Yes, you can link Tara tasks with different GitHub branches to track progress and updates effectively.

Q: Can I view insights into pull requests that are awaiting review? A: Absolutely! The progress page provides information on pending pull requests, blocked open pull requests, and merged pull requests.

Q: How many GitHub workspaces can I have per Tara workspace? A: At the moment, users are limited to one GitHub workspace per Tara workspace, and vice versa.

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