Record and Transcribe Phone Calls on iPhone with Trenton App

Record and Transcribe Phone Calls on iPhone with Trenton App

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Using the Trenton Mobile App
    1. Recording Phone Calls
      • Consent and Legalities
      • Selecting Country and Dialing Number
      • Starting and Pausing the Call Recording
      • Saving and Transcribing the Recording
    2. Recording from iPhone
      • Ensuring Audio Quality
      • Marking Important Moments
      • Saving and Transcribing the Recording
    3. Importing Audio Files
  3. Exploring the Trenton App
    1. Recent Trents
    2. Filtering Transcribed and Untranscribed Files
    3. Viewing and Playback Options
    4. Sharing and Collaboration
    5. Account Section
  4. Conclusion

📱 Using the Trenton Mobile App

Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, and with the Trenton mobile app, you can now easily Record and transcribe phone calls on your iPhone. Let's dive into how you can make the most out of this app.

🔊 Recording Phone Calls

Recording phone calls with the Trenton app is a breeze. However, before we get started, it's important to keep in mind the legal aspects and consent requirements of call recording, as they may vary based on your location.

🏛️ Consent and Legalities

Before initiating a call recording, it's crucial to understand the call recording laws in your country. The Trenton app provides a message regarding consent and local laws to ensure a responsible recording experience.

🌍 Selecting Country and Dialing Number

Once you've familiarized yourself with the legalities, you can proceed to select the country you are in and dial the desired phone number. By entering the phone number, you can easily check the charge per minute for the call, taking into account various factors such as cell phone versus landline, network, and destination.

📞 Starting and Pausing the Call Recording

When the call begins, the Trenton app doesn't automatically start recording. Instead, you'll hear a voice Prompt indicating that recording will commence when initiated by the caller. Depending on the legal requirements in your area, you may need to Seek consent from the person you're calling.

To start recording the call, simply tap the record button. You can pause and Resume the recording as needed using the pause button.

💾 Saving and Transcribing the Recording

Once the call is complete, you can give it a Relevant name and save it. The recording is automatically stored in the cloud, eliminating the need for immediate action. However, if you wish to have the recording transcribed by Trenton, you can tap the transcribe button. Please note that there may be a small additional charge for this service.

To add credit to your account, tap on the top-up option and enter the desired amount. Your call credit will be charged to your Apple ID account through the App Store.

🎙️ Recording from iPhone

In addition to recording phone calls, the Trenton app allows you to record live audio from your iPhone. This feature is particularly handy when you are in the same room as the person you wish to record.

🎧 Ensuring Audio Quality

To achieve the best Transcription accuracy, ensure that your mobile device is close to the speaker and that there are minimal background noises. The higher the audio quality, the better the quality of the resulting transcript.

📍 Marking Important Moments

While recording, you can mark important moments in the conversation by dropping markers. These markers can help you navigate through the recording during playback, making it easier to find specific sections later on.

💾 Saving and Transcribing the Recording

Once you are done recording, tap the save button and give the file a relevant name. After saving, you can proceed to transcribe the recording by tapping the transcribe button. You can select your preferred language and choose to utilize the vocabulary builder feature, enhancing the accuracy of the transcript.

Please note that the transcription process may take some time to complete. Once finished, you can view and listen to the transcription within the Trenton app or access it online via the web interface.

📥 Importing Audio Files

Apart from recording directly within the Trenton app, you also have the option to import existing audio files from your iPhone. This feature is particularly useful when you already have audio recordings that you want to be transcribed.

To import audio, tap the import option, and locate the file you wish to transcribe. After selecting the file, choose the language and vocabulary preferences, if applicable, and tap the transcribe button. The file will be sent to Trenton for transcription based on your selected preferences.

📱 Exploring the Trenton App

Beyond recording and transcribing calls, the Trenton app offers various features to enhance your call management experience. Let's take a closer look at what the app has to offer.

📂 Recent Trents

Upon opening the Trenton app, you'll be greeted with the recent Trents screen. This screen displays the latest recorded and transcribed files, with the most recently edited Trent listed at the top.

🔍 Filtering Transcribed and Untranscribed Files

To streamline your search, the Trenton app allows you to filter files based on their transcription status. You can choose to view only transcribed files or focus on the ones that are yet to be transcribed.

📺 Viewing and Playback Options

When you select a transcribed file, you can view and play back both the audio and video files if available. This provides a comprehensive and convenient way to revisit conversations and dive into the details.

Additionally, you can access the highlights and markers associated with each recording, providing quick references to important sections of the call.

🤝 Sharing and Collaboration

Collaboration is made easy with the Trenton app. By swiping left on a Trent, you can share it with collaborators. Enter their email addresses and set their permissions before tapping the share button to initiate collaboration.

⚙️ Account Section

In the account section of the app, you can keep track of your call credit, manage users, and personalize your Trenton preferences. This section allows you to customize your app experience and tailor it to your specific needs.

📝 Conclusion

The Trenton mobile app revolutionizes call recording and transcription, providing an efficient and user-friendly solution for iPhone users. Whether you're recording calls directly or importing existing audio files, Trenton has you covered. Explore the various features of the app and make the most out of your call management experience. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team at

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