Best 12 Sports Tools in 2024

Soccersm Analytics AI, MindGlimpse Sports, Basketball Betting Tipster, CatchThat, Fantasy Prem GPT (FPL), Programs by TrAIn, The Octagon Oracle: Next Generation UFC Fight Picks Powered By AI, Ludex | Sports Card and TCG Scanner with Price Guide App, Be Your Best, Mysports.AI are the best paid / free Sports tools.

Soccersm Analytics AI
A highly accurate AI tool for pre-match predictions and analysis in football.
MindGlimpse Sports
< 5K
Top AI sports predictor.
Basketball Betting Tipster
< 5K
Betting predictions and odds for NBA and major basketball leagues.
< 5K
Stay updated with CatchThat's AI-powered daily recaps of NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL games.
Fantasy Prem GPT (FPL)
< 5K
The ultimate tool for Fantasy Premier League success.
Programs by TrAIn
< 5K
AI-powered sport training programs in one minute.
The Octagon Oracle: Next Generation UFC Fight Picks Powered By AI
< 5K
AI-powered UFC fight picks and fantasy point forecasts.
Ludex | Sports Card and TCG Scanner with Price Guide App
Fastest and most accurate card scanner. Instantly identify card values.
Be Your Best
Improve vision and decision making. Elevate your game.
AI-Automated Sports Camera, Streaming & Analytics
Peak Strength
Maximize strength, speed, and explosiveness with individualized training program.

What is Sports?

AI Sports refers to the application of artificial intelligence in the field of sports. It involves the use of machine learning, data analysis, computer vision and other AI technologies to improve athlete performance, prevent injuries, enhance consumer and fan engagement, and optimize business operations in sports-related industries.

Sports Insights

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12 Tools
Sports already has over 12 AI tools.
332.6K Total Monthly Visitors
Sports already boasts over 332.6K user visits per month.
0 tools traffic more than 1M
Sports already exists at least 0 AI tools with more than one million monthly user visits.

What is the top 10 AI tools for Sports?

Core Features
How to use


AI sports camera
Video analytics
Coaching tools

Automatically live-stream every game from your venue directly to fans, families and coaches. No staff needed!

Ludex | Sports Card and TCG Scanner with Price Guide App

Fast and accurate card scanning
Instant card value identification
Support for sports cards and TCG cards
Customizable collection organization
Track daily changes in card values
Showcase and share your card collection
Connect with the Ludex community

Download Ludex app for free. Take a picture of your card, let Ludex identify it, and instantly get the card values.

Be Your Best

Improvement of vision, decision making, and cognitive skills
AI training mode
Real-life pro game scenarios
Companion app for tracking progress
Scanning and cognitive metrics
Insights and analysis from expert coaches and analysts

1 $19/month Save $120/year. Access to VR training and mobile app. Advanced scanning and vision training. Memory and awareness training. Access to train multiple moments from Premier & Champions League games. Replay analysis. Stats tracking. Access to 3 profiles. AI training

Our two main training modes, developed to improve performance: Scenarios and Matchplay. Use the Companion app to follow your progress, compete in leaderboards, and review your sessions.

Soccersm Analytics AI

Pre-match predictions for major leagues and competitions
Detailed analysis accompanying predictions
High accuracy of predictions
AI-powered tool

To use Soccersm, simply visit the website and navigate to the desired league or competition. Enter the necessary information such as team names, match date, and other required details to request pre-match predictions. Soccersm will then provide you with accurate predictions and analysis for the upcoming match.


Stylized AI Sports Prediction Tool
Accurate and Profitable Predictions
Utilizes Cutting-Edge Machine Learning Algorithms
Advanced Sports Data Analysis
Tailored Betting Tips
In-depth Program Execution Demonstrations

To use Mysports AI, simply subscribe to our services and gain access to our prediction library. Our AI-powered platform offers tailored betting tips and in-depth demonstrations of our program execution process. You can also choose from different strategies and betting platforms to maximize your returns.

Peak Strength

Built For You, Built By Experience, Reach Your Peak, Champions Are Built, Choose Your Path, Mobility Workouts, Track Your Progress, Exercise Substitution, Proven Results

Log in to start your individualized, sport-specific training program designed to increase your strength, explosiveness, and speed. The app will guide you through exact exercises, sets, reps, and weights to perform each week, taking the guesswork out of your training.

The Octagon Oracle: Next Generation UFC Fight Picks Powered By AI

AI-generated UFC picks
Fantasy point projections
In-depth analytics
Strategy simulation

STANDARD $30/month 3 picks from our algorithm for each UFC event. 36% average ROI parlaying top 2 picks. Fantasy points projections for all fights we have data on for each UFC event. Upgrades as our offerings improve at no extra cost
PREMIUM $60/month Picks for all fights we have data on from our algorithm for each UFC event. Fantasy points projections for all fights we have data on for each UFC event. In-depth analytics for all fights we have data on for each UFC event. Priority access to our new algorithms and updates

To use The Octagon Oracle, simply sign up for an account and choose a plan. The platform offers different plans that provide a varying number of picks and additional features such as fantasy point projections and in-depth analytics. After selecting a plan, users can access AI-generated UFC picks, enhance their fantasy UFC experience with accurate projections, and utilize the analytics feature to develop effective strategies.

MindGlimpse Sports

Advanced prediction algorithms
Micro-expression image analysis on players
Combination of traditional and modern prediction methods

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Programs by TrAIn

Easy to use
Fast program generation
Science-based programs

Tailor-made program 19€ Workout training program, fast delivery, one-time payment
Lifestyle programs 9€ per month Workout program, evolution of the program, adapts to your progression, injury management

Generate your tailor-made workout training program in one minute using our GPT-powered AI agent. Simply provide your goal and physiological data.

Fantasy Prem GPT (FPL)

Tailored advice
Data-driven strategies
Real-time updates

Visit the website and sign up. Use the tailored advice, data-driven strategies, and real-time updates provided by Fantasy Prem GPT to gain an edge in your league.

Newest Sports AI Websites

Programs by TrAIn
AI-powered sport training programs in one minute.
Be Your Best
Improve vision and decision making. Elevate your game.
Ludex | Sports Card and TCG Scanner with Price Guide App
Fastest and most accurate card scanner. Instantly identify card values.

Sports Core Features

Performance Analysis

AI algorithms can analyze player performance in real-time and provide actionable insights to improve techniques and strategies.

Injury Prevention and Rehab

AI can predict risks of injuries and recommend preventive measures. It can also assist in designing personalized rehabilitation programs for injured athletes.

Fan Engagement

AI can create personalized fan experiences with recommendations and interactive elements using historical and real-time data. It can also assist in creating virtual and augmented reality experiences for fans.

Business Optimization

AI can streamline, automate and optimize various business operations such as ticket pricing, marketing, sponsorship deals, etc.

Who is suitable to use Sports?

AI Sports can be used by athletes, sports coaches, physical therapists, sports associations, leagues and clubs, sportswear and equipment manufacturers, sports marketing agencies, sports broadcasters, and sports event organizers, among others. It can be particularly useful in professional sports where fine margins can make a big difference.

How does Sports work?

AI Sports usually involves collecting and analyzing large amount of sports data - this could be video footage, sensor data, historical data, etc. Advanced AI algorithms and models are then used to find patterns, trends and insights from this data. These insights might then be used to enhance player performance, engage fans, or optimize business operations.

Advantages of Sports

Some advantages of AI Sports include: enhancing athlete performance and skill-set, maximizing efficiency of teams and coaches, improving injury prevention and rehabilitation, creating personalized and engaged fan experiences, and driving business growth and profitability in sports industry.

FAQ about Sports

How does AI Sports improve player performance?
How does AI Sports enhance fan engagement?
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