What is Chatspell?

Chatspell is a Slack-integrated live chat software for websites. It allows users to communicate with website visitors directly from Slack, providing a fast and responsive tool for customer interactions.

Added on June 03 2023

Provides Website. Over 2.6K monthly visits.


Website Traffic

Last Month's Visits: 2.6K (-1.7K)
Last 3 Month's Visits: 9.7K (2.4K)
Last 6 Month's Visits: 10.7K (802)
Total Visitors
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How to install?

How to use Chatspell?

1. Add Chatspell to Slack by selecting the desired Slack channel for conversation notifications. 2. Install the provided code snippet into your website. 3. Respond to conversations directly from Slack by starting a thread from the notification messages.

Chatspell's Core Features

Slack integration for seamless communication
Live chat widget for website visitor interactions
Notification system for new conversations
Synchronization of messages between Slack and the live chat widget
Conversation history for returning website visitors

Chatspell's Use Cases

Engage with website visitors to better understand their needs
Provide real-time support and assistance
Capture leads and convert them into customers
Improve customer satisfaction through personalized interactions

Chatspell's Plan


Chatspell is available for free, offering basic live chat functionality integrated with Slack.

Chatspell Traffic

Visit Over Time

Monthly Visits
< 5K
Avg.Visit Duration
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Feb 2023 - Oct 2023 All Traffic


Top 3 Countries

United States
Feb 2023 - Oct 2023 Desktop Only

FAQ from Chatspell

When do I receive notifications for new conversations?
How can I respond to a conversation?
What happens if a customer leaves the website and comes back later?

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