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An AI-powered SQL editor with copilot and chat
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Mar 21 2024
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Dubo Analytics Product Information

What is Dubo Analytics?

An AI-powered SQL editor with copilot and chat

How to use Dubo Analytics?

Use Dubo Analytics to write accurate and cost-effective analytic queries in English. Benefit from the SQL copilot when you want to write the query yourself, and the chatbot when you need assistance. Dubo learns from your feedback and takes notes to understand your business.

Dubo Analytics's Core Features

AI-powered SQL editor

SQL copilot

Chatbot assistant

Schema and documentation analysis

Business intelligence analytics

Dubo Analytics's Use Cases


Identifying films that have won the most Oscars


Finding the highest grossing film of all time in USD


Determining films with the highest ROI

FAQ from Dubo Analytics

What is Dubo Analytics?

How does Dubo Analytics work?

Which databases does Dubo Analytics support?

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