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This is a solution for businesses seeking efficient email support, using your website as a robust knowledge base, our AI-powered agent ensures seamless customer interactions by responding to emails instantly.

Added on February 07 2024

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Start using our AI-powered email support platform by connecting your website and customizing the agent's responses. No account or credit card required.'s Core Features

AI-powered email support
Seamless customer interactions
Customizable email templates
AI model trained on your website
Auto sync new information
Secure and compliant with data privacy laws's Use Cases

#1 Streamlining customer support process
#2 Responding to customer emails instantly
#3 Customizing email templates to match brand
#4 Sharing insights with team's Plan



Ideal for integrative testing and personal use. Includes 25 responses per month and 25 tokens per project.



Best option for small websites. Includes 100 responses per month and 50k tokens per project. Ticketing support available soon.

Pro Usage-based


Great for websites with large product catalogs. Includes 300 responses per month and 600k tokens per project. Custom email domain and privacy toggle included.

Maverick Usage-based


For support that takes. Includes 1000 responses per month and 600k tokens per project. Custom email domain, updated model weekly, and slack support included. Privacy toggle available soon.


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For businesses with advanced needs and higher limit requests. Includes dedicated IPs, support manager with SLA, advanced data storage, unlimited replies, and private Slack channel for support. Traffic

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