What is Liffery?

Liffery is an online research and wish listing tool that provides a quiet online space for users to capture and consider items for later purchase. It aims to eliminate noise, distractions, and biased advertisements, allowing users to make thoughtful and unbiased decisions.

Added on June 01 2023

Provides Website. Over 13.0K monthly visits.

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13.0K (1.6K)
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34.9K (1.8K)
Last 6 Month's Visits:
77.6K (-5.3K)
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How to install?

How to use Liffery?

1. Login or signup for free on Liffery. 2. Use the iOS App or Chrome Extension to quickly save items on the go. 3. Organize your saved items by creating different channels, such as wish list, family gift coordination, or places to visit. 4. Set reminders for items you want to consider later. 5. Utilize the Price Watcher feature to compare prices and find the best deals. 6. Use the map feature to save and remember places of interest. 7. Collaborate with others by creating private channels and using the Decision Maker tool to collect input and make joint decisions. 8. Explore your journeys and make the best purchase decisions with Liffery.

Liffery's Core Features

Capture and save items for later consideration
Set reminders for items
Price comparison with the Price Watcher
Wish list channels for family gift coordination
Map feature to save and remember places
Collaboration and decision-making with the Decision Maker tool

Liffery's Use Cases

#1 { "user": "Janine", "scenario": "Janine wants to make thoughtful purchases online. She uses Liffery to save items on-the-go, sets reminders for later consideration, and utilizes the Price Watcher feature to find the best deals." }
#2 { "user": "John", "scenario": "John likes to research and compare options before making online purchases. Liffery helps him in this process by allowing him to save and organize his options, set reminders, and compare prices." }
#3 { "user": "Family", "scenario": "The family uses Liffery's wish list channels to coordinate gift giving and prevent clashes. This reduces stress and avoids unnecessary waste." }
#4 { "user": "Group of Friends", "scenario": "The group of friends uses Liffery's map feature to save and remember places they want to visit. They can easily collaborate and expand their list of places to explore." }
#5 { "user": "Janine and John", "scenario": "Janine and John are planning for their new flat together. They use Liffery to collect ideas within a private channel and use the Decision Maker tool to make joint decisions." }
#6 { "user": "Online Shoppers", "scenario": "Liffery provides a quiet and ad-free space for online shoppers to eliminate distractions and biased advertisements. Users have full control over their search and ad viewing preferences." }

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