What is Olabooks.co?

Olabooks is a cloud-based invoicing software designed for small businesses. It offers a fast and easy invoice generator, allowing users to create and share invoices in real-time. With Olabooks, businesses can streamline their invoicing processes and get paid faster.

Added on May 30 2023

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How to install?

How to use Olabooks.co?

1. Sign up for an account on the Olabooks website. 2. Enter your business name and set up your customer list. 3. Create a new invoice by selecting your customer, adding products or services, and applying taxes if necessary. 4. Customize the invoice template to match your brand identity. 5. Save or share the invoice with your customer. 6. Track and manage all your invoices from the Olabooks dashboard. 7. Receive payments and keep a record of your customers and finances.

Olabooks.co's Core Features

Fast and easy invoice generation
Real-time invoice sharing
Organize and manage invoices from one place
Professional invoice templates
Create and send invoices in less than a minute
Keep records of unlimited invoices and customers

Olabooks.co's Use Cases

#1 Contractors
#2 Freelancers
#3 Owner-operators
#4 Creatives
#5 Entrepreneurs
#6 Small business owners

Olabooks.co's Plan



Up to 3 clients. 10 invoices. 24/7 support. Cancel anytime



Unlimited clients. Unlimited invoices. 24/7 support. Cancel anytime

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FAQ from Olabooks.co

What is Olabooks?
How do I use Olabooks?
What are the core features of Olabooks?
Who can use Olabooks?
What are the pricing options for Olabooks?
Is there 24/7 support available for Olabooks?
Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

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