Ticket AI for Discord

What is Ticket AI for Discord?

Ticket AI is a Discord bot that automates ticket creation and handles customer support by using AI technology. It simplifies the process of managing customer inquiries and provides accurate responses based on custom training data.

Added on May 28 2023

Provides Website. Over 7.8K monthly visits.

Ticket AI for Discord

Website Traffic

Last Month's Visits: 7.8K (-16.8K)
Last 3 Month's Visits: 43.0K (4.2K)
Last 6 Month's Visits: 50.3K (7.8K)
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How to install?

How to use Ticket AI for Discord?

To use Ticket AI, follow these steps: 1. Upload your support documents to train Ticket AI on how to answer customer questions. 2. Wait for users to open tickets using the 'Open a Ticket' button. 3. Sit back and let Ticket AI generate responses based on the training data provided. It works 24/7 to provide support to your customers.

Ticket AI for Discord's Core Features

Automated ticket creation
AI-powered ticketing system
Easy training data upload
Custom support channel
Ephemeral replies
Generative AI for answering questions
24/7 availability
High accuracy in responses

Ticket AI for Discord's Use Cases

Automated customer support
Efficient management of support inquiries
Time-saving response generation
Improved customer satisfaction

Ticket AI for Discord's Plan


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FAQ from Ticket AI for Discord

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