What is wisello?

wisello is a generative AI company that specializes in creating custom conversational assistants for ecommerce platforms. These assistants utilize the power of generative AI to provide customers with a personalized shopping experience.

Added on August 17 2023

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wisello : Reviews, Pricing, Core features, Use cases, alternatives
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How to install?

How to use wisello?

1. Provide your product catalog to wisello in formats like csv, xml, json, or through API/integrations with ecommerce platforms. 2. Integrate wisello into your website using an iframe or chat bubble. 3. Analyze user conversations and measure the increase in conversions. Start your free trial for 30 days to experience the benefits of wisello's AI-powered assistant.

wisello's Core Features

Personalized shopping experience
Higher conversion rate
Product recommendation & upselling
Contextual conversation in any language
Adaptation to different industries

wisello's Use Cases

#1 Ecommerce
#2 Inmobiliarias (Real Estate)
#3 Toy stores
#4 Supplements
#5 Travel agencies
#6 Appliances
#7 Architects seeking historical and architectural information
#8 Ositos&Cia (Guiding customers towards personalized toy purchases)

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What is wisello?
Does wisello use ChatGPT?
How can I add my assistant to my website?
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