Best 15 AI Pattern Generator Tools in 2024

Recraft.AI, Patterned AI, Pattern Maker AI, Artssy, MonsterImage.AI, PixVerse, Petals - AI Wear, Poly, Shakker.Ai, Myth.Ai are the best paid / free AI Pattern Generator tools.

Artify is a comprehensive online platform for creating and editing high-quality graphics.
Patterned AI
Generate and download unique royalty-free patterns with PatternedAI.
Pattern Maker AI
AI-powered tool generates seamless vector patterns
< 5K
Create unlimited images in one click.
< 5K
Create unique images with AI and geometric patterns.
Petals - AI Wear
Unique custom clothing designs with AI.
Poly: AI Texture Engine provides free high-definition seamless PBR textures for instant download or AI-generated editing.
Transforming Imagery with AI
Design tool Myth offers AI-powered, affordable, and versatile designs for various sectors.
An AI-powered alchemy game inspired by Little Alchemy.
Texture Lab
Generate 3D textures instantly with Texture Lab's AI-powered platform.
Karlo - AI Text-to-image generator
Karlo uses AI to create impressive and inspiring images.
AI Tools for Designers provides curated AI tools for UI and web designers, improving workflow and boosting design efficiency.
< 5K
ColorpaletteAI is an AI-powered web app that creates beautiful color palettes from website descriptions.

What is AI Pattern Generator?

AI Pattern Generator is a sophisticated tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to create patterns, designs, and layouts. It analyzes certain parameters such as color schemes, shape preferences, trends, and industry standards to generate unique and appealing patterns. Typically, it's utilized in fields such as graphic design, textile design, web design, and more where patterns play a crucial role.

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AI Pattern Generator already has over 15 AI tools.
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What is the top 10 AI tools for AI Pattern Generator?

Core Features
How to use


The core features of PixVerse include: - Generative AI model - Multi-modal input support - Fast video transformation - Artistic and creative output

To use PixVerse, simply upload your multi-modal inputs, such as images, text, or audio, and let the AI model work its magic. In just a few minutes, you will have a stunning video created with artistic and creative flair.


Generate and edit vector art
Create and customize icons
Design and manipulate 3D images
Illustrate using a variety of styles
Intuitive interface for easy usage
Wide range of tools for shape manipulation, color editing, and effects
Import and edit existing artwork
Library of pre-designed templates
Multiple export options for web, print, and marketing

To get started with Artify, simply sign up for an account and log in. Once logged in, you can start creating vector art, icons, 3D images, and illustrations by using the various tools provided. These tools allow you to manipulate shapes, colors, textures, and effects to achieve the desired aesthetic. You can also import and edit existing artwork or choose from a library of pre-designed templates. Artify offers easy exporting options, enabling you to save your creations in formats suitable for websites, print materials, or marketing campaigns.


Browse and download thousands of free HD seamless PBR textures
Generate custom textures using the advanced AI editor
Compatibility with popular 3D rendering tools

To use Poly: AI Texture Engine, simply browse the library or search for specific textures. You can download the available textures directly or use the AI editor to generate your own custom textures. The generated textures can be used in various applications such as games, interior design, and CGI. They are fully compatible with popular 3D rendering tools.

Patterned AI

Generate seamless patterns using AI
Search and download royalty-free stock patterns
Create variations of patterns with high adjustability
Download patterns in high-resolution or SVG format
Control number of colors and resolution for prints

To use PatternedAI, follow these steps: 1. Sign up or sign in to your account. 2. Generate unique patterns by describing what you want or by uploading an image. 3. Explore the generated pattern options and select the ones you like. 4. Customize the patterns by adjusting colors and resolution. 5. Download the patterns in high-resolution or SVG format. 6. Integrate PatternedAI into your business workflow to streamline pattern generation.


AI image generation doesn't have to be clunky when you use Shakker. Whether you want to create images, change styles, combine components, or inpaint any parts, Shakker makes it smoother than ever for you with prompt suggestion and precise designs.

Texture Lab

Texture Lab offers the following core features: 1. Instant generation of 3D textures 2. AI-powered algorithms for seamless textures 3. Various texture options including building, rock, wood, sand, vegetable, ice, and miscellaneous 4. Clay mode for creating unique textures 5. Ability to generate variations of textures such as diffuse, height, and normal maps 6. Free and ready-to-use textures

To use Texture Lab, simply log in to the BETA version of the platform. You can then choose from various texture options such as dragon scales, gross meaty mess with sticking out bones, Egyptian ancient tiles, rocks, stonewalls, clay, and more. Additionally, you can generate variations of the textures including diffuse, height, and normal maps. These ready-to-use textures are free and can be easily integrated into your game.

Petals - AI Wear

Generative AI-powered design generation
Customization options with description and pet/photo references
Easy ordering process

To use Petals, simply start by providing a description of the custom clothing item you want to create. You can also add a photo of your pet or any other reference to incorporate into the design. The AI will then generate a unique design based on your input. After reviewing and fine-tuning the design, you can proceed to order the clothing item.

Pattern Maker AI

Generate seamless vector patterns
Utilizes artificial intelligence
Wide range of style options
Option to enhance patterns
Ability to base patterns on an initial image

To use Pattern Maker AI, you need to create an account and sign in. Once logged in, you can select a type of style or choose a random style for your pattern. You can also enhance the style with various options such as Anime, Photographic, Digital Art, Comic Book, Fantasy Art, and more. Optionally, you can provide an initial image to base your pattern on. After configuring the desired parameters, click on the 'Generate Patterns' button to create your seamless vector patterns.


AI-powered web-based design tool
Wide range of design categories
Customizable design patterns
Quick and easy design creation
Reduced production and design costs
Improved design capabilities
Enhanced customer satisfaction

basic_package $99 per project

To use Myth, simply visit the website and sign up for an account. Once logged in, you can choose from various design categories such as abstract, geometric, floral, digital, and art. Select the desired design pattern and customize it according to your preferences. The AI-powered tool will assist you in creating unique and professional designs in just a few seconds. You can then download or save the designs for further use.

Karlo - AI Text-to-image generator

The core features of Karlo include AI-powered image generation, customizable image parameters, a diverse range of themes and styles, and impressive visual results.

To use Karlo, simply visit the website and follow the prompts. Users can input their desired image parameters, such as theme, style, and colors, and Karlo's AI algorithm will generate unique and visually appealing images based on these criteria.

Newest AI Pattern Generator AI Websites

Transforming Imagery with AI
An AI-powered alchemy game inspired by Little Alchemy.
AI model creating stunning videos from multi-modal inputs.

AI Pattern Generator Core Features

Generates Unique Patterns

The AI Pattern Generator creates unique and original patterns based on the inputs provided.

Customizes According to Need

The tool can be tuned according to specific requirements, be it color preference, style or pattern size.


Leveraging AI, the tool can understand and analyze trends, user preferences to create appealing designs.

Ease of Use

It has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy even for a novice to generate patterns.

Who is suitable to use AI Pattern Generator?

The AI Pattern Generator is suitable for a wide range of users including graphic designers, textile designers, web designers, product designers, design students, and businesses in the fashion, home decor, and retail industries. Its features offer valuable assistance to anyone in need of creative, unique and trend-compatible patterns.

How does AI Pattern Generator work?

AI Pattern Generator works by taking inputs from the user such as preferred colors, style, and pattern type, or by analyzing user data. Based on these inputs and data analytics, the artificial intelligence integrated into the tool identifies patterns and designs that best suit the user's needs. The outputs can then be further customized according to user preferences.

Advantages of AI Pattern Generator

The AI Pattern Generator offers numerous advantages such as saving time on creating patterns manually, providing a diverse array of pattern options tailored to personal or business needs, the ability to integrate ongoing trend analysis for more relevant designs, and a user-friendly interface.

FAQ about AI Pattern Generator

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