Best 13 AI Rap Generator Tools in 2024

Uberduck, Jarvis, Udio AI, BeatBot,,, OnePlus AI Music Studio, Drayk It, Automated Combat, are the best paid / free AI Rap Generator tools.

Uberduck is an AI music production platform with realistic voices and custom options.
Boost creativity with AI generated lyrics.
Compose unique songs using AI technology.
AI-powered rap lyrics generator.
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Rapli generates personalized rap songs using AI, revolutionizing the music industry.
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Experience the future of music-making with innovative AI-driven music.
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Generate personalized Drake songs with AI on
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Experience AI-powered historical debates with Automated Combat and GPT-4.
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Create catchy rap songs with AI Rap Song Generator.
Create rap music and artwork with in a new way.
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Barrs app uses AI to generate unique lyrics in multiple languages, improving creative songwriting.
Personalized AI writing for greetings, poetry, and rap.
Splash is an inclusive AI music platform with original compositions and versatile features.

What is AI Rap Generator?

AI Rap Generator is a sophisticated tool powered by advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, designed to generate creative and rhythmic rhymes, just like a human rapper does. It can generate rap lyrics on the fly that are coherent, sensible, and often amusing, by processing a large database of rap lyrics and applying natural language processing techniques.

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AI Rap Generator already has over 13 AI tools.
1.1M Total Monthly Visitors
AI Rap Generator already boasts over 1.1M user visits per month.
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AI Rap Generator already exists at least 0 AI tools with more than one million monthly user visits.

What is the top 10 AI tools for AI Rap Generator?

Core Features
How to use


Uberduck's core features include: - AI rap generator: Generate lyrics with AI and create rap songs. - Text to voice: Generate speech, singing, and rapping from written text. - API access: Write code for text to speech, singing, rapping, and voice conversion. - Voice cloning: Create custom voices and use them for speaking, singing, and rapping. - Voice to Voice: Change your voice to someone else's, preserving their style.

To use Uberduck, follow these steps: 1. Choose a beat from the collection of awesome beats. 2. Generate lyrics using AI or write your own. 3. Choose a voice from the built-in voices or create your own custom voice. 4. Download the generated rap song as audio or video and use it anywhere.


AI music creation
Generative Text-to-Music
Voice Transfer

To use Splash, simply download the Splash Pro app, which provides access to a vast library of sound packs and beatmaker instruments. With the app, you can create your own music compositions and share them on social media using the hashtag #madewithsplash.


Overcome writer's block with AI generated lyrics ideas
106+ genres, 39 languages
Unlimited corpus of original ideas
Challenge your comfort zone with innovative AI companion
Explore lyric ideas in over 39 languages
More than 60 music genres supported

Jarvis is a limitless brainstorming swiss knife. The main strength of Artificial Intelligence is never getting tired of generating fresh ideas. Using Jarvis can help you get started if you're blocked, finish a song if you're stucked, improve your productivity, boost your creativity or even challenge it. With its intuitive interface and powerful AI capabilities, Jarvis is the perfect tool for anyone looking to elevate their creative output. - Ai Rap Assistant

Ai Lyric Assistant
Ai Artwork Assistant

Starter plan FREE Access to starter tools, customer support, 40,000 tokens
Industry plan $49/month Access to professional tools, customer support, 300,000 tokens, weekly expert support sessions, priority customer support

Quickly generate lyrics and album art unique to your story.


Composes short songs based on text prompts
Uses Splash sound loops for music
Utilizes GPT-3 for writing lyrics
Features AI rappers on vocals

To use BeatBot, simply enter a text prompt and let the AI create a unique song for you. You can customize the style, tempo, and mood of the song to suit your preferences.

Magic Type AI

Artificial intelligence-generated writing
Personalized greetings, poetry, and rap lyrics
Simple selection process

To use Magic Type AI, simply make a few simple selections to customize your writing and receive personalized content.

To use, simply enter any topic and any rapper and it will generate a full-length song in the style of that rapper.

Rapli - AI Rap Generator

AI-generated rap songs
Personalized rap songs
Quick generation in just 2 minutes
Easy sharing on WhatsApp

1. Give instructions: Write a story or topic you want the rap to be about.2. Our AI generates Rap: Hold on tight, as it only takes 2 minutes for our AI to generate your personalized rap song.3. Surprise your Friends: Forward the generated rap song on WhatsApp to your friends and blow their minds.

OnePlus AI Music Studio

Innovative AI-driven music
Discover the latest in tech

Compose, create, and craft your unique tunes with just a prompt.

AI-generated Drake songs
Ability to generate songs about any topic
Song customization options
Song sharing capabilities

To use, simply visit the website and enter the topic or subject you want the Drake song to be about. Then, click on the 'Generate' button and let the AI do its magic! You can listen to the generated song, share it, or generate another one with a different topic.

Newest AI Rap Generator AI Websites

Create rap music and artwork with in a new way.
Boost creativity with AI generated lyrics.
Experience the future of music-making with innovative AI-driven music.

AI Rap Generator Core Features

Generates Unique Rap Lyrics

It creates original, creative rap lyrics not copied or replicated from an existing source.

Artificial Intelligence technology

It uses advanced AI and machine learning technology which helps in generating rhymes that make sense.


Users can provide specific words, themes, or phrases, which the tool can integrate into the generated rap lyrics.

Multi-language Support

It can generate rap lyrics in multiple languages.

Who is suitable to use AI Rap Generator?

The AI Rap Generator is suitable for a variety of users such as songwriters looking for new ideas, budding rappers looking to practice their skills, music companies seeking for quick lyric generation or even programmers seeking to integrate the tool into music generating apps. It is useful across the music industry and in educational institutions where it can be used as a teaching tool for creative writing.

How does AI Rap Generator work?

AI Rap Generator relies on machine learning and natural language processing technologies. It consumes a vast amount of rap lyrics as data to understand the structure, flow, and rhyming scheme of rap songs. The system processes this data and is programmed to generate rap lyrics that display a reasonable semblance to human-composed content. Over time, through continuous training, the tool becomes efficient in generating better rhyming and rhythmically appropriate lyrics.

Advantages of AI Rap Generator

AI Rap Generator can create countless unique, original rap lyrics within seconds. It reduces the time and effort needed to write a new song from scratch. It's an excellent tool for generating ideas for songwriters and rappers. Moreover, it can work non-stop and isn't susceptible to writer's block.

FAQ about AI Rap Generator

Can AI Rap Generator create a full-length song?
Can I customize the lyrics generated by the AI Rap Generator?
Are the lyrics generated by AI Rap Generator copyrighted?