Brain Behind

What is Brain Behind?

BrainBehind is a live chat and chatbot software that can be added to websites and mobile applications. It allows businesses to engage with visitors in real-time, convert them into customers, and enhance their experience for increased sales.

Added on June 03 2023

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How to install?

How to use Brain Behind?

To use BrainBehind, simply add the live chat software to your website or mobile apps by copying a line of JavaScript code. This intuitive interface requires no technical expertise to implement or operate. Once set up, your agents can log in and start chatting with customers. The AI-powered chatbot feature can also automate customer queries using generative pre-trained responses. BrainBehind allows you to track customer behavior, optimize operations, and improve business efficiency.

Brain Behind's Core Features

Live chat: Engage with customers in real-time and provide personalized support.
AI-powered chatbot: Automate customer queries with generative pre-trained responses.
Track customer behavior: Gain insights into customer interactions to optimize operations.
Lightning-fast customer engagement: Easy and quick setup process for immediate customer interaction.
Multiple channel support: Set up and manage multiple channels from one account.
Agent performance tracking: Measure agent performance and optimize operations.
Chat backup via email: Keep a record of all chats with clients.
Lifelong chat history: Access a lifelong history of chats and interactions.
Intra-agent chat: Encourage team collaboration and communication.
Customizable chatbot: Tailor the chatbot's responses to meet your specific needs.

Brain Behind's Use Cases

#1 Customer support: Answer common customer queries 24/7 and provide quick support across digital channels.
#2 Lead qualification: Automate lead qualification and time-consuming tasks to boost sales.
#3 Field agent support: Provide instant answers to field agent queries, improving efficiency and response time.

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