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Fooocus brings your creative ideas to life with state-of-the-art AI technology.
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Mar 18 2024
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Fooocus Product Information

What is Fooocus?

Fooocus brings your creative ideas to life with state-of-the-art AI technology.

How to use Fooocus?

Step 1 - Choose Your Prompt Start by selecting or crafting a detailed prompt that captures your creative vision for the image you want to generate. Step 2 - Customize Settings Adjust Fooocus's advanced settings to fine-tune the AI's focus, style, and output quality according to your needs. Experiment with different model presets for varied artistic or realistic outputs. Step 3 - Generate Your Image Initiate the image generation process and watch as Fooocus transforms your prompt into a visually stunning piece of art. Step 4 - Edit and Refine Use Fooocus's inpainting and editing tools to make adjustments or add final touches to your generated image. Step 5 - Share and Collaborate Easily share your creations with the community or collaborate with others to explore new creative horizons.

Fooocus's Core Features

Advanced Inpainting

Seamless Image Prompts

Multi-Prompt Support

Diverse Model Compatibility

Customizable Aspect Ratios

Advanced Style Control

Prompt Reweighting

High-Quality Face Swapping

Efficient Performance on Varied Hardware

Fooocus's Use Cases


Create stunning digital art


Enhance photographs with realistic effects


Generate personalized avatars

FAQ from Fooocus

What sets Fooocus apart in terms of inpainting capabilities?

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Can I customize the style and appearance of generated images?

What is prompt reweighting and how does it work?

Is Fooocus optimized for different hardware configurations?

Does Fooocus support face swapping, and how accurate is it?

How does Fooocus ensure the quality of generated images?

Can I specify the aspect ratio for my generated images?

Is there a community or platform for Fooocus users to share and collaborate?

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