What is Roketfy?

Roketfy is an innovative and data-driven platform designed to help Etsy sellers boost their sales. It offers smart tools and services to optimize Etsy listings, conduct product research, analyze competitors, generate SEO-friendly content, and gather insights from customer reviews.

Added on May 06 2023

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Last Month's Visits:
52.2K (1.5K)
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348.3K (2.5K)
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How to install?

How to use Roketfy?

To use Roketfy, sign up for an account and connect your Etsy store. Here are the steps to follow: 1. Listing Checker: Analyze your product listings and receive actionable recommendations to optimize them for better rankings. 2. Product Research: Utilize filters to discover profitable products with high demand and low competition. 3. Roketfy AI Reviews: Transform customer feedback into valuable insights to improve your Etsy store's ratings. 4. Roketfy AI Writer: Generate high-quality and SEO-friendly product descriptions 10x faster. 5. Keyword Research: Find the best-fit keywords that will make your listings more visible to potential customers. 6. Competitor Analysis: Analyze your competitors' products, stores, and keywords in detail. 7. Pricing: Check the pricing section on the website for detailed information about the available plans.

Roketfy's Core Features

Listing Checker: Analyze and optimize Etsy listings for better rankings.
Product Research: Discover profitable products with filters and insights.
Roketfy AI Reviews: Transform customer feedback into valuable insights.
Roketfy AI Writer: Generate SEO-friendly product descriptions quickly.
Keyword Research: Find the best-fit keywords for more visibility.
Competitor Analysis: Analyze competitors' products, stores, and keywords.
Smart Score System: Evaluate and optimize listing performance.
Boost Rankings & Sales: Implement recommendations to improve sales.
AI Title Suggestion: Generate effective and optimized product titles.
Rapid Production: Create listings quickly with AI-powered technology.
Topic Categorization: Gain insights into customer satisfaction and preferences.
Sentiment Analysis: Understand customer sentiments to improve products and services.
Review Insights: Get comprehensive feedback from customer reviews.
Estimated Daily Sales: Analyze market demand and sales performance.
Customizable Filters: Fine-tune product research with precise filters.

Roketfy's Use Cases

#1 Optimize Etsy listings to improve search rankings and sales.
#2 Find profitable products with high demand and low competition.
#3 Transform customer feedback into actionable insights to enhance your store.
#4 Generate SEO-friendly product descriptions quickly and efficiently.
#5 Increase visibility by using the best-fit keywords for your listings.
#6 Analyze competitors' products, stores, and keywords to stay ahead.
#7 Evaluate listing performance and make necessary optimizations.
#8 Improve sales by implementing recommendations and suggestions.
#9 Create high-quality listings in a short amount of time.
#10 Understand customer preferences and enhance products and services.
#11 Analyze customer sentiments to make informed business decisions.
#12 Gain deep insights from customer reviews to improve your offerings.
#13 Analyze market trends and evaluate the sales potential of products.
#14 Narrow down product research with customizable filters.

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Keyword Research

5$ /Month


24$ /Month

FAQ from Roketfy

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Can Roketfy generate SEO-friendly content for my Etsy listings?
How does Roketfy analyze competitor data?
Is there a pricing plan for Roketfy?