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Saner.AI is an AI-powered knowledge management app designed to seamlessly capture, organize, and generate insights from your information. It helps users free up their time and focus on what matters.

Added on November 19 2023

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How to install?

How to use (Beta version)?

To use Saner.AI, sign up for the waitlist on the website. Once you have access, you can easily capture essential information from any source, keep your notes organized, unlock insights with AI, and search for relevant information without having to remember exact terms. (Beta version)'s Core Features

Seamless information capture
Organize notes using AI
AI-powered insights
Effortless note-taking
Smart Inbox for tracking notes
Auto organization of notes
Identify and consolidate similar notes
Hierarchical workspace for organization
Versatile templates for task management
Automatic backlink integration
Search relevant information without remembering exact terms
Uncover hidden insights from notes
AI that knows all your notes (Beta version)'s Use Cases

Business management
HR feedback
Content creation
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