Prompt Manager Pro

What is Prompt Manager Pro?

Write and maintain prompts for your new age applications.

Added on September 19 2023

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How to install?

How to use Prompt Manager Pro?

Develop the prompts for the application Generate an API token Test the prompt templates Integrate into your app

Prompt Manager Pro's Core Features

Collaborate with teammates on prompt development
Gain insight into the usage, speed, and cost of your prompts
Simplify your prompt development workflow
Validate user input to minimize LLM risk
Manage all your Prompt Templates
Quickly make modifications to fine-tune your prompts in production
View insights into the usage of your prompts

Prompt Manager Pro's Use Cases

#1 Prompt Engineer
#2 Software Developer
#3 Project Manager

Prompt Manager Pro's Plan

Free Plan

Give us a go

Scalar Plan

Pay for only what you use

Business Plan


For teams that want to move fast with confidence

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FAQ from Prompt Manager Pro

What is Prompt Manager Pro?
How can I collaborate with my teammates on prompt development?
How does Prompt Manager Pro help me optimize my prompts?
Does Prompt Manager Pro handle infrastructure and security?
Can I validate user input before sending it to ChatGPT?
Can I manage all my prompt templates in Prompt Manager Pro?
How can I view insights into the usage of my prompts?