Value on Board

What is Value on Board?

Value on Board is a platform that offers end-to-end SaaS solutions built on a low-code/no-code flexible platform. It enables the implementation of customized enterprise systems without the need for complex technical knowledge.

Added on May 15 2023

Provides Website, Contact for Pricing. Over 3.4K monthly visits.

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How to install?

How to use Value on Board?

To use Value on Board, you can request a quote for an end-to-end SaaS solution tailored to your specific needs. The platform's low-code/no-code capabilities allow for quick and efficient creation of enterprise systems. Once implemented, you can customize processes, automate tasks, manage statuses, integrate with CRM, utilize an intelligent chatbot, and harness data analytics for decision-making.

Value on Board's Core Features

Low-code/no-code platform for creating enterprise systems
Integration of ChatGPT AI support for information analysis
Quick results and reduced waiting time for system readiness
Flexibility and scalability through automation of processes
Funnel automation with automatic task assignment and status management
CRM integration to enhance sales and marketing processes
Email automations to exploit sales opportunities
Embedded chatbot for customer engagement and lead generation
Analytics-driven decision-making with data insights
API connection for integration with existing systems

Value on Board's Use Cases

#1 Streamlining complex processes
#2 Accelerating business decision-making
#3 Optimizing sales and marketing
#4 Improving customer engagement and lead generation

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FAQ from Value on Board

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