Best 6 AI Joke Tools in 2024 :: GPT joke writing, AI is a Joke, Socratic Lab, The Daily Dad Joke, Jokelub, Mr. Poo's Sandbox, ImagineMeme AI,, Merlin AI Plugins are the best paid / free AI Joke tools.

" is an AI comedy partner that generates jokes using GPT language models."
AI generates jokes for any topic.
< 5K
One dad joke a day, generated by AI.
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Turn your writing into jokes with Jokelub, spreading smiles and joy everywhere.
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Humor meets AI for a light-hearted tech experience.
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AI platform, ImagineMeme, turns photos into funny memes using artificial intelligence.

What is AI Joke?

AI Joke refers to humor or jokes generated or created by artificial intelligence (AI). By feeding large amounts of joke data into machine learning models, they are trained to understand humor nuances and generate jokes themselves. It's a demonstration of advancement in AI, its ability to understand, interpret, and even reproduce human-like comicality.

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6 Tools
AI Joke already has over 6 AI tools.
42.0K Total Monthly Visitors
AI Joke already boasts over 42.0K user visits per month.
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AI Joke already exists at least 0 AI tools with more than one million monthly user visits.

What is the top 6 AI tools for AI Joke?

Core Features
How to use

The core features of include: 1. AI comedy writing: Generate zingers and punchlines for your jokes.2. GPT-3.5 language model: Built on OpenAI's GPT-3.5 for advanced language processing.3. Fine-tuned on monologue jokes: The AI has been trained on thousands of late night comedy monologue jokes.4. Easy to use: Simply provide a joke set-up and get the generated punchlines in response.

To use, simply provide a joke set-up or opening line, and the AI will generate humorous punchlines for you. You can input your joke set-up and receive the generated punchlines in response.

Make Uncle A.I. Crack a Joke For You

AI-generated jokes for any topic
Access to recent jokes
Effortlessly generate jokes from any text prompt

Simply enter a topic of your choice and the AI will generate a joke related to that topic. You can also browse through the recent jokes generated by the AI.


Ability to turn writing into jokes
User-friendly Chrome extension
Large collection of generated jokes

1. Signup or login to Jokelub using your email address and password. 2. Install the Jokelub Chrome Extension for easy access. 3. Start using the platform to turn your writing into jokes. 4. Share the generated jokes with friends, family, or on social media to bring laughter to others.

Mr. Poo's Sandbox

Engaging chatbot with custom-tuned humor
Text messaging system that delivers Mr. Poo's wisdom
Postcard feature to send messages with Mr. Poo's humor
Pootique with whimsical poo-tastic treasures

Chat with Mr. Poo for a delightful conversation Send postcards with Mr. Poo's humorous messages Text your friends with Mr. Poo's latest words of wisdom (coming soon) Shop for whimsical poo-tastic treasures in the Pootique


AI-powered humor
Transform photos into memes
Automatic pairing of photos with meme captions

1. Upload an image of yourself or your friends on the ImagineMeme website. 2. The AI technology will scan the image to identify the important elements and understand the context. 3. Sit back and watch as your photo is automatically paired with a funny meme caption. 4. Join the ImagineMeme waitlist to be notified when the service becomes available.

The Daily Dad Joke

Simply visit the website and a new dad joke will be displayed each day.

Newest AI Joke AI Websites

Humor meets AI for a light-hearted tech experience.
One dad joke a day, generated by AI.
AI platform, ImagineMeme, turns photos into funny memes using artificial intelligence.

AI Joke Core Features

Humor Understanding

AI learns nuances of humor through vast amounts of training data.

Joke Generation

AI generates unique jokes based on what it has learned.

Variety of Jokes

AI can produce a variety of humor styles, from puns to situational humor.

Who is suitable to use AI Joke?

AI Joke is suitable for entertainment industry professionals such as comedians, scriptwriters, content creators, and also businesses looking to add a humorous touch to their content. In addition, AI Joke is great for social events to lift the mood and put a smile on everyone's face.

How does AI Joke work?

AI Jokes work by firstly training a model on a large dataset of jokes. The AI then learns the structure and nuances of these jokes, what makes them funny, the setup and punchline, etc. Once trained, the AI can generate its own jokes by inputting specific commands or prompts.

Advantages of AI Joke

AI Jokes provide unique and original humor. They can maintain humor consistency and generate jokes round the clock without fatigue. AI Jokes can cater to a wide range of humor styles, offering something for everybody's taste.

FAQ about AI Joke

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Can AI understand humor?
Can I train my own AI to generate jokes?