Best 6 Text to 3D Tools in 2024

Tripo AI, Alpha3D, Meshy, Lume Pad 2, Masterpiece X - Generate, MagiScan AI 3D Scanner app are the best paid / free Text to 3D tools.

Transform 2D images into 3D assets with generative AI.
Effortlessly transform text and images into captivating 3D assets.
Lume Pad 2
Leia Inc. offers immersive 3D•AI technology with Lume Pad 2, the world's first 3D tablet.
Masterpiece X - Generate
Generative 3D creation with AI in just a few words.
MagiScan AI 3D Scanner app
Turn anything into 3D with your smartphone.

What is Text to 3D?

AI Text to 3D is a state-of-the-art technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate and transform textual data into three-dimensional virtual representations. It is based on AI algorithms that interpret text inputs and generate complex 3D shapes and models based on the descriptions provided.

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Text to 3D already has over 6 AI tools.
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Text to 3D already boasts over 709.8K user visits per month.
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Text to 3D already exists at least 0 AI tools with more than one million monthly user visits.

What is the top 6 AI tools for Text to 3D?

Core Features
How to use


Transform text and 2D images into 3D assets
Generative AI-powered platform
User-friendly interface
Download 3D models in glb format
Compatible with various 3D design tools and XR environments

To use Alpha3D, simply upload a 2D image of a real-life object or use text prompts as input. The platform will automatically transform your input into a 3D model, which you can then download and use on any 3D, AR, VR, or metaverse platform.


Text to 3D conversion
Image to 3D conversion
AI texturing
Lightning-fast speed
PBR maps
Versatile art styles
Artist-friendly interface
Multilingual support
API integration
3D model export

To use Meshy, simply input your desired text or 2D image and the AI will generate a 3D asset in under a minute.

Tripo AI

Fast and efficient 3D model generation
High-quality image to model conversion
Detailed geometry and high-resolution textures

Basic $0.001 World's fastest "text to 3D" function. High quality image to model function. Generate up to 100 high quality 3D models per month
Profession $9.90 World's fastest "text to 3D" function. High quality image to model function. All generated models can be downloaded. Generate up to 500 high quality 3D models per month
Premium $199 World's fastest "text to 3D" function. High quality image to model function. All generated models can be downloaded. Be the first to experience the new features. Unlimited 3D model generation. Permanently effective

Simply upload any picture and convert it into a 3D model with detailed geometry and high-resolution textures

Lume Pad 2

The core features of Leia's products include: - Infinite 3D Content: AI enables faster 2D to 3D conversion, resulting in more immersive content. - Optimized 3D Viewing: Real-time AI computes the best, most vibrant 3D image at any angle. - Realistic 3D Capture: AI-assisted 3D camera optimizes every image for captivating results. - Limitless 3D Creation: Stable Diffusion technology allows users to create and visualize their 3D dreams. - AI-Powered SDK: The Leia Appstore offers a wide range of 3D apps, games, and experiences for the Lume Pad 2.

To use Leia's products, such as the Lume Pad 2 tablet, users can leverage the AI-powered features for various purposes. They can use the tablet's AI-powered 3D camera to capture realistic 3D content and edit it using LeiaPlayer. Users can also convert 2D content to 3D using AI technology, stream online videos in 3D, and engage in 3D video chat with other Lume Pad 2 tablets.

Masterpiece X - Generate

Generative 3D creation with AI
Zero setup required
Compatible with industry standard game engines and popular apps

To use Masterpiece X, simply start by choosing whether to generate a human, object, or animal 3D model. Then, describe the overall shape and desired look of the model using a few words or a short sentence. Within a few minutes, AI-generated 3D models will be available for use or further customization.

MagiScan AI 3D Scanner app

AI-driven 3D scanning
Multiple export format choices
Integration with NVIDIA Omniverse
Integration with Minecraft as block structures

Free $0 Basic 3D scanning features, limited export formats
Pro $9.99/month Advanced 3D scanning features, unlimited export formats, commercial usage, API access

Simply download the MagiScan app on your iOS or Android device. Open the app and point your smartphone camera at the object you want to scan. Follow the on-screen instructions to capture multiple angles of the object. Once the scanning is complete, the app will generate a 3D model that can be exported in various formats.

Newest Text to 3D AI Websites

MagiScan AI 3D Scanner app
Turn anything into 3D with your smartphone.
Transform 2D images into 3D assets with generative AI.
Tripo AI
Generate 3D assets from a single image instantly

Text to 3D Core Features

Text Interpretation

Interprets any given text and understands the context to create accurate 3D models.

Dynamic 3D Model Generation

Uses advanced AI algorithms to generate complex 3D designs based on textual input.


Allows users to customize and tweak the generated 3D models according to their needs.


Can be integrated with various software or platforms creating a seamless design experience.

Who is suitable to use Text to 3D?

AI Text to 3D is ideal for designers, architects, game developers, educators, and students involved in any field that requires 3D visualization or modeling, like product design, interior design, architecture, gaming, and education.

How does Text to 3D work?

AI Text to 3D works by interpreting the input provided by a user in the form of text and then uses its algorithm to understand the context and the design or shape described in the text. After understanding the input it generates a three-dimensional model suited to the context and offers customization options to the user.

Advantages of Text to 3D

AI Text to 3D is capable of saving time and effort by generating complex 3D designs based on simple text inputs. It eliminates the need for traditional and time-consuming 3D modeling processes. It also fosters creativity by allowing the user to describe their visualization in text, without the need for sophisticated 3D design skills.

FAQ about Text to 3D

Can AI Text to 3D be used for professional design work?
Does AI Text to 3D require any special software?
Do I need to have programming knowledge to use AI Text to 3D?