What is Magicdog?

Magicdog is a Google Sheets™ extension that enables users to easily import and analyze data from Quickbooks, Salesforce, and more.

Added on June 04 2023

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How to install?

How to use Magicdog?

To use Magicdog, simply install the extension and connect your Quickbooks or Salesforce account with just one click. Once connected, you can automate updates to your sheets, ensuring real-time data. You can also utilize AI tools to generate formulas, extract data from text, query databases, and more. Magicdog simplifies data analysis and saves valuable time.

Magicdog's Core Features

Seamless integrations with Quickbooks and Salesforce
Automated updates and data refresh
AI-powered tools for generating formulas, extracting data, and querying databases
Real-time data experience
Effortless one-click data imports

Magicdog's Use Cases

Sales analysis and reporting
Accounting and financial analysis
Data extraction from customer reviews
Generating text summaries and descriptions

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FAQ from Magicdog

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