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From recording to a fully edited video in one tap
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Feb 27 2024
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Detail: Video & Captions Product Information

What is Detail: Video & Captions?

From recording to a fully edited video in one tap

How to use Detail: Video & Captions?

Download the Detail: Video & Captions app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Record your video with the AI-enhanced camera and utilize the teleprompter for confident delivery. Edit and enhance your clips using the intuitive interface. Customize captions and apply cinematic effects to create professional-looking videos.

Detail: Video & Captions's Core Features

AI-enhanced camera

Teleprompter integration

Seamless editing

Green screen feature

Dual-view recording

Efficient script delivery

Intelligent captions

Instant cinematic effects

Detail: Video & Captions's Use Cases


Recording interviews or video podcasts


Creating TikTok videos or Instagram Reels


Producing instructional content for YouTube


Crafting reaction videos

FAQ from Detail: Video & Captions

Can I use Detail on multiple devices?

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