Best 14 AI Mind Mapping Tools in 2024

Xmind AI, ChatMind - AI, MyMap.AI, ChartAI, WriteMapper 4, Slatebox: Text-To-Mindmaps and More, General Task (Beta), Mindmap AI, Ideamap, Superus are the best paid / free AI Mind Mapping tools.

Xmind AI
AI-powered mind mapping tool for real-time collaboration and stunning presentations.
ChatMind - AI
Effortlessly turn ideas into mind maps with Chatmind for improved productivity and organization.
Convert text ideas into visuals easily.
ChartAI uses ChatGPT to help users create and understand charts and diagrams.
WriteMapper 4
Content writing productivity tool that uses AI and mind maps.
Slatebox: Text-To-Mindmaps and More
Slatebox is an AI-powered platform for visual collaboration and real-time integration with other tools.
General Task (Beta)
< 5K
Streamline your workday with General Task.
Mindmap AI
< 5K
Create mind maps with AI
< 5K
3 is an AI platform that organizes ideas in interactive maps for different purposes.
< 5K
MyndMap is an AI-powered software that improves productivity and well-being by offering personalized recommendations and support for task management.
Algor Education
AI-powered concept maps from any text.
The Visualizer
Transform your written queries into concept maps with The Visualizer. Boost learning and creativity effortlessly. Just like magic.
ConceptMap AI
< 5K
AI-powered concept mapping tool for interactive and collaborative concept learning.

What is AI Mind Mapping?

AI Mind Mapping is an advanced technological tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create and generate mind maps. A mind map is a visual representation of information, allowing users to structure and categorize data in an organized, easy-to-understand format. By utilizing AI technology, AI Mind Mapping enhances the creation and editing process of making mind maps, offering features like automatic idea generation, predictive suggestions, and real-time collaboration, among others.

AI Mind Mapping Insights















14 Tools
AI Mind Mapping already has over 14 AI tools.
1.7M Total Monthly Visitors
AI Mind Mapping already boasts over 1.7M user visits per month.
1 tools traffic more than 1M
AI Mind Mapping already exists at least 1 AI tools with more than one million monthly user visits.

What is the top 10 AI tools for AI Mind Mapping?

Core Features
How to use

Xmind AI

AI-powered mind mapping
Real-time collaboration
Instant idea generation
Stunning presentation transformation

To use Xmind AI, simply sign up for an account on our website. Once logged in, you can start creating mind maps by adding nodes, connecting ideas, and customizing the layout. You can collaborate with others in real-time by inviting them to join your mind map. The AI-powered features will help you organize and present your ideas more effectively.

Algor Education

Automatic concept map generation
Real-time collaboration
Customizable concept maps

Freeware Create up to 3 multimedia maps. 50MB document storage. Sharing with friends and teachers. Basic online support
Base Automatic maps from texts up to 15,000 characters. Unlimited multimedia manual maps. Premium printing and exporting. 1GB document storage. Unlimited sharing. Basic assistance
Pro Automatic maps from texts up to 100,000 characters. Unlimited multimedia manual maps. Premium printing and exporting. Highlighted text-to-speech. 5GB document storage. Unlimited sharing. Premium assistance

To use Algor Education, simply paste your text or upload your file and the AI will generate a concept map for you. You can then customize and share the concept map with others.

ChatMind - AI

The core features of Chatmind include:1. AI Mind Mapping: Chatmind uses advanced AI algorithms to create mind maps based on your input.2. Productivity Boost: With Chatmind, you can quickly organize your thoughts and ideas, saving you time and enhancing productivity.3. Easy to Use: The tool is user-friendly and requires no technical skills. Simply type your ideas or keywords, and Chatmind will handle the rest.4. Visualization: Chatmind generates visually appealing mind maps that help you see the relationships between different concepts.5. Templates: Chatmind provides pre-designed templates that users can utilize for different brainstorming scenarios.

To use Chatmind, simply type your initial idea or keywords into the prompt. You can also utilize the provided templates. Chatmind will generate a mind map based on your input, allowing you to visualize your ideas and their connections.


AI-powered chat interface
Conversion of text ideas into mind maps and presentations
Easy organization and editing of visual creations
Collaborative functionality for sharing with others

Using MyMap is easy. Simply sign up for a free account, and then start typing or pasting your ideas into the chat interface. The AI copilot will instantly transform your text into a visual representation, such as a mind map or presentation. You can then organize, edit, and share your creations with others.


The core features of ChartAI include generating various types of charts and diagrams, offering insights and explanations about the data represented, and providing interactive tools to customize and manipulate visualizations.

To use ChartAI, simply visit the website and input the data or information you want to visualize. You can then ask ChatGPT specific questions or instructions on how to create certain types of charts or diagrams.


WriteMapper 4

Logical and intuitive mind maps for writing
Kickstart from an existing starting point
Brainstorm ideas and generate content using AI
Strips away unnecessary visual elements for focused design
Break down tasks into bite-sized chunks using structured writing
Fluid and nimble interface with drag & drop functionality
Desktop app for better focus
Fully-featured free trial available
Organize nodes with delightful color tags
Move easily between mind map and contents
Multiple visual layouts for your mind map
Optimized performance for large WriteMaps
Boost productivity with keyboard shortcuts
Quick search through contents of all nodes
Beautifully-designed dark mode interface
Mark nodes as done to track progress
Style text with different formats using rich text formatting
Correct misspelled text as you type with autocorrect
Insert images to illustrate ideas
Manage WriteMaps as regular files
Automatic saves and backups of your work
Customize export content and format
No data harvesting or invasive tracking
In-depth user guide and support resources
License manager for easy code management
Help and support via FAQs and email

To use WriteMapper, simply download the desktop app available for macOS and Windows. Create your own WriteMap by brainstorming ideas using the mind map interface. Each node on the mind map represents a section of your content, and you can jump into the content section to edit it at any time. WriteMapper also offers distraction-free writing and allows you to export your work in various file formats.

Slatebox: Text-To-Mindmaps and More

Auto-generate visualizations from natural language prompts
Real-time, multi-cursor collaborative canvases
Integration with tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and GitHub
API integration (coming soon)
Generate magic links for instant visualization sharing

To use Slatebox, simply provide a text prompt or URL and let the AI auto-generate a visualization for you. You can also choose from a library of 100+ templates to jumpstart your collaboration session. Collaborate with your team in real-time using multi-cursor collaborative canvases. For advanced functionality, integrate Slatebox with other tools through API integration. You can also generate magic links to instantly share visualizations with others.

The Visualizer

Visualize anything, faster Elevate understanding, boost productivity, and unlock your full potential with crystal-clear visuals. Accelerated Learning Scientific Research Project Management Creative Thinking

Free Demo €0 Unlimited maps. GPT 3.5-turbo
30-Day Pass €7 Unlimited maps. GPT-4-32k. One-time payment. No subscription. GPT-4 chat box. Visualize a URL. Visualize a PDF
Annual Pass €59 Unlimited maps. GPT-4-32k. One-time payment. No subscription. GPT-4 chat box. Visualize a URL. Visualize a PDF. 30% Discount
Enterprise Contact us Ideal for universities or corporations. Volume discounts. Flexible payment options
Monthly 3-day free trial €7/month Unlimited mind maps. Support by email
Yearly 3-day free trial €63/year Unlimited mind maps. Support by email. Onboarding call. Save 25%
Lifetime Deal 3-day free trial €73/one time payment Unlimited mind maps. Support by email. Onboarding call. Pay once and use forever. Best value
Organizations Contact us Ideal for universities or corporations. Unlimited mind maps. Support by email. Onboarding call. Volume discounts. Flexible payment options

Unlock 'The Visualizer,' an AI tool that elevates understanding and creativity. Turn complex concepts into clear visuals for a transformative learning experience.


An AI-powered chat interface that assists in creating, organizing, and sharing ideas
An interactive map for enriched academic learning
A spatial AI-conversation experience map
An AI-powered visual presentation map
An intuitive visual note-taking map

free_options Get started for free with limited features

To use, you can start by signing up for a free account on the website. Once logged in, you can begin mapping ideas using the AI Copilot feature. Simply input your ideas and engage in a conversation with the AI to create, organize, and share your thoughts effortlessly. You can choose different interactive maps based on your needs and preferences, such as ConceptMap for academic learning or StoryMap for visual presentations.

Newest AI Mind Mapping AI Websites

Mindmap AI
Create mind maps with AI
Convert text ideas into visuals easily.
Algor Education
AI-powered concept maps from any text.

AI Mind Mapping Core Features

Automatic Idea Generation

The AI can automatically generate ideas based on user input.

Predictive Suggestions

The AI can predict and suggest relevant ideas or topics based on the content of the mind map.

Real-Time Collaboration

Users can collaborate and work on the mind map together in real-time.

Easy Editing

Tools and features for easy and seamless editing of the mind map.

Data Integration

Facilitates integration with other data sources for comprehensive analysis and mapping.

Who is suitable to use AI Mind Mapping?

AI Mind Mapping is suitable for individuals and professionals across various fields, including educators, students, project managers, strategists, data analysts, marketers, researchers, etc. It is particularly useful for individuals involved in tasks requiring brainstorming, strategic planning, project organization, data visualization and presentation.

How does AI Mind Mapping work?

AI Mind Mapping works by utilizing AI algorithms to analyze user input and generate or suggest ideas relevant to the content of the mind map. It can integrate with various data sources to derive comprehensive insights. Users can interact with the tool to create, edit, and collaborate on the mind map. As users input more information, the AI dynamically adapts and evolves the mind map.

Advantages of AI Mind Mapping

Some of the advantages of using AI Mind Mapping include the ability to generate insightful and relevant ideas automatically, increase efficiency in creating mind maps, enhance creativity by providing predictive suggestions, facilitate better communication and collaboration among users, and offer a dynamic tool for data analysis and presentation.

FAQ about AI Mind Mapping

How accurately does the AI in an AI Mind Mapping tool predict suggestions?
Can multiple users work on the same AI mind map at the same time?